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It may only seem like yesterday that GUERLAIN made lovely lavender-scented waves with the launch of their latest signature perfume ‘Mon Guerlain’, but that was actually almost a year ago!  Doesn’t time fly? So almost a year has passed and I think it’s safe to say that Mon Guerlain has become an iconic flagship of the new Guerlain style, where sweetness and lightness reign supreme. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny that Mon Guerlain manages to tread the treacherous tightrope of maintaining the brand’s heritage and classic style, whilst making it relevant and current for the modern age. In that respect, Mon Guerlain is a huge success. The fact that it smells like delicious, toffee-coated lavender is almost just a bonus!

So we’re a year on (almost) and GUERLAIN is already treating us to the very first flanker to their latest darling. This new version is Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale and it comes as a fresher, more airy and spring-like interpretation of the original that utilises a central peony note to add some delicate floral tones to all of the gourmand delicacy. Now, I think it’s worth pointing out that Florale is not a revolutionary reinterpretation of the original and I’d say that GUERLAIN has very much followed the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ school of thinking, opting for a twist on the original as opposed to a complete redressing. The result is Mon Guerlain captured in a field of dazzling peonies and do you know what? It’s really quite lovely!



The Notes

Lavender, Bergamot, Jasmine, Paradisone, Neroli, Peony, Iris, Sandalwood and Vanilla


How Does it Smell?

At first sniff one could be lulled into thinking that they were in fact, sniffing Mon Guerlain and not the new Florale version. The opening is much the same as the original, with lots of lovely, caramelised lavender and citrus fizz. The key difference in the top notes which, in itself is quite subtle, is the clarity of the lavender. In Mon Guerlain one got a delicious impression of toasted lavender flowers drizzled with golden caramel but for Florale the gourmand facet has been dialled back a bit, allowing for the more herbaceous and brighter nature of the lavender to peek through. It feels a little bit fresher and there is a more pronounced citrus accompaniment that makes Florale feel more lively and less sensual than Mon Guerlain.

The key difference in Florale is the amplification of the floral heart through the addition of peony. This fresh, rosy note teams up with Mon Guerlain’s jasmine note to create a serene, dewy quality that is not only evocative of blushing petals, but also of the greenery that surrounds them. What this accord does is disperse all of the sugar and syrup that made Mon Guerlain so decadent (freshly decadent to be precise) taking the composition out of the patisserie and into to the garden. This diffusion is aided by the use of paradisone, an aroma chemical that works wonders when it comes to amplifying anything remotely floral in nature.

Let’s take a moment to talk about paradisone, because whilst I’m sure we all know what lavender and peony smell like, paradisone is a bit more of a mystery. Paradisone is a Firmenich material derived from Hedione, a synthetic jasmine molecule with a bold floral character. Paradisone is much like hedione, fresh and floral, but with a more of an expansive, golden effect. It brings not only a floral character to a fragrance but an endlessness that seeks to extend the bright, golden quality of jasmine to the horizon and beyond. It’s this material that plays a large role in Mon Guerlain Florale, using this floral nuance to push apart the sweeter notes, creating something that is more diffusive, bright and rooted in nature.

In the dry down, Florale runs parallel to Mon Guerlain, revelling in the smooth softness of sandalwood and musk. Where the Florale version diverges from the original is in terms of weight. Mon Guerlain has a remarkable transparency, despite its sweetness and Florale takes this idea of weightless warmth to new heights. The dry down is airy and clean with hints of toasted lavender and peony petals. The musk brings a delicate air of diffusion whilst the sandalwood instils a creamy texture, resulting in a close skin scent in the base that wears like silk.

What you think of Mon Guerlain Florale will largely depend on your opinion of Mon Guerlain. Ultimately, if you didn’t like the style of the original then I don’t think this more floral version is going to convince you to change your mind, mainly because it has a great deal in common with its forbearer. That said, if you wanted to like Mon Guerlain but found the sweeter notes a little bit too much, then Florale may just give you the space, diffusion and dryness that you need. Of course, if you adore Mon Guerlain then Florale is a must-sniff and I’m sure it’ll be the perfect way for you extend your wearing of the fragrance through spring and into summer. So, in summary, Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale gives you much of what you loved about the original, just with that little touch of je ne sais quoi.


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