Why Illuminating Drops Are The New Makeup Must-have


It’s no secret that glowing skin is in. All we have to do is look around –  everyone’s skin has never looked more radiant! Who knows, maybe everyone’s upped their water intake or perfected their skincare routine. Or maybe, just maybe, they’ve discovered the latest highlighting hero: illuminating drops.

In the beauty world there’s always something causing a stir, and I usually take every new product trend with a big pinch of salt. But ever since testing out the Laura Geller Dewdreamer Illuminating Drops I’ve become obsessed with this glow-boosting method.

Whether you can’t get enough of dewy radiance or you’re a huge fan of an out of this world sheen, illuminator drops are the versatile highlighter option that can do it all. Let me show you…


What are illuminating drops?

In short, they’re liquid highlighters. And while Laura Geller calls them illuminating drops, other brands call them enhancer drops, glow drops, luminizer serums, highlighter fluids and more.

But, whatever you call them, you could go as far as saying they’re 2018’s most favourable highlighting texture. Why? Because they’re so versatile! Unlike a powder, liquid highlighters can be used throughout your makeup routine to give you a glow that’s right for you.

Scroll to see the Dewdreamer Illuminating Drops from Laura Geller in action, 3 ways…



Mix it up

In the image above I have no foundation on. I repeat, I have no foundation on! Just a few drops of the Dewdreamer Illuminating Drops in Gilded Honey mixed in with my moisturiser. And, although I normally wouldn’t wear the drops alone, it does act as the perfect base for your foundation, especially if your complexion often looks dull or fatigued.

Whether you mix a few drops in with your foundation or with your moisturiser, you’ll instantly see your skin perk up.



Feature highlights

When people refer to highlighting they’re usually referring to the method of accentuating the high points of the face. You use illuminating drops in exactly the same way as a powder or cream formula, blending them into the cheekbones, brow bones and cupid’s bow. Dewdreamer’s liquid formula helps you to achieve a beautiful and subtle glow as they blend seamlessly into your skin.

I’d recommend doing this step after foundation, but before applying powder, to avoid the liquid formula interfering with your other makeup.




Body glow

Highlighting isn’t just limited to your face, you can also use these glow drops to get an all-over, gorgeous glow. When applied to the décolletage, shoulders or up the centre of leg, liquid highlighter will give you an instant dose of radiance and can even have a slimming effect (it works wonders on the legs).

If I’m on holiday I always make sure I have a suitable body luminiser packed, there’s something about the combination of a tan with dewy skin.  Likewise, if I am going on a night out I always apply highlighter drops to the centre of my legs – you get an instant supermodel sheen!


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