Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lipstick Swatches


Think you already have a favourite lipstick? That’s about to change! Clarins has just unveiled a brand new finish in their iconic Joli Rouge Lipstick collection and it will make lipstick lovers weak at the knees, especially if you’re mad about matte.

The new release I’m referring to is Joli Rouge Velvet, a matte lip colour that’s super creamy, ultra pigmented and dries down to a soft powered finish. Unlike many other velvety formulas, Joli Rouge Velvet prides itself on being comfortable and hydrating, so if matte is your favourite lipstick result this will be music to your ears.

Joli Rouge Velvet is the perfect addition to the Joli Rouge family, now there really is something for everyone…



Before we take a look at the Velvet swatches, here’s a look at how the Joli Rouge family looks with this new finish addition. Now, you can get this classic lipstick pillar in a total of 3 finishes (satin, high-shine, matte) and 20 shades that are the same across all finishes.

About Joli Rouge


Joli Rouge: The original! Joli Rouge offers a satin finish, medium-to-full coverage and a creamy cushiony feel. The formula is enriched with a combination of mango oil and organic salicornia extract, which keep lips moisturised for hours.

Joli Rouge BrillantJoli Rouge Brillant is a girl-next-door kind of lipstick, offering a sheer wash of colour and a radiant shiny finish. Added organic samphire extract keep lips hydrated, while mango oil improves suppleness and softness.

Joli Rouge Velvet: The latest addition to the line-up, Joli Rouge Velvet gives a soft, matte result. Matte doesn’t mean dry though thanks to a fusion of apricot and marsh samphire extract that keeps lips happy and hydrated.


The Joli Rouge Velvet Swatches



705V – Soft Berry: For those that want to step away from traditional nude hues, Soft Berry’s slight purple shift is perfect.

711V – Papaya: Sunny and exotic, Papaya is bold, orange and destined to be worn in summer.

713V – Hot Pink: This statement shade has a blue undertone and makes a great alternative to a red lip.

723V – Raspberry: If Hot Pink is a little too ‘out there’ for you, try Raspberry, a cool-toned bubblegum berry pink.

731V – Rose Berry: This delicate nude-pink is an easy go-to shade for everyday wear.




732V – Grenadine: Pink and purple merge to create Grenadine, the ultimate just-bitten berry lip colour.

737V – Spicy Cinnamon: A warm red-brown, this sultry shade would make an excellent nude pick for medium to deep skin tones.

738V – Royal Plum: This rich, cool-toned plum will give any look an immediate vampy effect.

741V – Red Orange: Softer than your average red, this cherry shade has an almost coral quality.

742V – Joli Rouge: A must-have shade in every lipstick wardrobe, this Hollywood red has a slight blue undertone.




744V – Plum: More purple than Royal Plum, this hue is for someone that loves vibrant colour.

752V – Rosewood: This milky pink has a cool undertone and will instantly polish off your look.

754V – Deep Red: A radiant cherry red, Deep Red has a crimson quality and blue undertone.

755V – Litchi: This petal pink has a slight purple tone and leans to the cooler side.

756V – Guava: A hybrid between coral and a pinky-nude, Guava is my favourite in the collection.




757V – Nude Brick: More brown than nude, this is a great option if you’re a fan of deep lipstick shades.

758V – Sandy Pink: The most traditional nude of the range, this warm beige will suit a vast array of skin tones.

759V – Woodberry: If you’re all about nudey pinks then Woodberry’s pretty feminine hue is for you.

760V – Pink Cranberry: Between pink and red lies Pink Cranberry, a beautiful cool cerise.

761V – Spicy Chilli: Warm and vibrant, Spicy Chilli’s vivacious hue will instantly brighten up your complexion.



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