Our Favourite Roger & Gallet Fragrances of All Time



Love under-the-radar fragrances? Us too!

We’ve been bursting to tell you all about our favourite Roger & Gallet scents. From sweet and crunchy florals right through to handsome colognes that stand the test of time, discover your new favourite Roger & Gallet scent with our team of experts…

1. Fleur d’Osmanthus

Roger & Gallet Fleur d'Osmanthus Fresh Fragrant Water Spray Bottle Shot

The Fleur D’Osmanthus Fragrant Water has fast become my go-to.

When it comes to fragrances I usually tend to go for more warmer, earthy notes, however – there’s something about this sugary-sweet fragrance that I just can’t get enough of; it’s the ultimate pick me up!

Whether I’m heading to work or going out for cocktails, it completes my outfit (and day!) instantly making me feel uplifted and happy thanks to its invigorating scent – I especially love the grapefruit and mandarin notes.

If I could sum this fragrance up in three words they would be ‘fun, flirty and floral’. I love how feminine I feel when I wear this fragrance – it keeps me coming back for more!


2. Bois d’Orange  
Blog - Roger & Gallet Bois d’Orange Fresh Fragrant Water Spray

Roger and Gallet have hit the perfect scent with the combination they have put together in Bois d’Orange; it’s gentle to the skin and very subtle for the ideal day fragrance. Its fruity citrus range makes it perfect for those who will prefer something different and very special.

I fell in love with the Bois d’Orange Fresh Fragrant Water Spray as soon as I smelled it. It is unlike any other perfume I have ever tried before. It is fresh, unique and perfect for all seasons.

If I can give a tip: the best way to apply it is using the Fragrant Water in combination with the Bois d’Orange Body Lotion or with the Perfumed Body Cream. This way you will achieve a prolonged fragrant trail even after a busy day of work. After showering, apply the cream or lotion to damp skin, then spritz the Bois d’Orange perfume on your pressure points (wrists, elbows, shoulders, the collarbones) to lock the fragrance in for longer.


3. Fleur de Figuier

Blog - Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Fresh Fragrant Water Spray

Fleur de Figuier is sweet fragrance – but definitely not sickly. It’s a creamy, even milky kind of sweet, and I find it has this deep spark in the base notes that just ignites some long-forgotten memory of familiarity. It’s the perfect scent for the summer: warm, inviting and not at all cloying. It’s a lasting fragrance that you can layer up for an evening out. I love it so much I even use the matching soap and hand cream!


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