Laura Geller Filter First Foundation: The Review


Camera phones at the ready; Laura Geller’s new Filter First Luminous Foundation is about to change the way you take selfies with its skin-smoothing ability.

Even if you don’t use Valencia, Lagos or Clarendon (Instagram’s most popular filters), Filter First smoothes, blurs and airbrushes your skin with its full coverage, luminous finish. Call it a real-life Face Tune that looks picture perfect at every angle. Intrigued to find out more? Let’s find out what Filter First is all about…



What Is Filter First?

Filter First is a medium to full coverage foundation with a dewy, radiant finish. Its balmy, cushiony texture sits well on all skin types, however, it will last that little bit better on dehydrated or dry skin types due to its infusion of moisturising grapeseed oil. This power ingredient also defends your skin from free radicals with its antioxidant abilities!

Made for anyone who wants their skin to look perfect, Filter First’s ability to blur and smooth skin is pretty impressive. Its texture is a little bit thicker than most, however, when you blend it in, you don’t get a cakey result due to its light reflecting, pearl-infused finish) – which is extremely important for anyone (like me) that loves to layer.

Its high level of pigment per drop makes it the ideal match for anyone who wants to camouflage redness, acne scarring and niggly blemishes that just won’t cover (as you’ll see from my before and after below).

Plus, something to note about Filter First is its ability to wear well. Even on oilier skin types, the coverage lasts all day long. It’s one of those foundations that looks great no matter the lighting. Don’t forget to apply SPF with this one, as it hasn’t got any included!



The Filter First Swatches

Comprising of 12 versatile shades with both warm and cool undertones, from lightest to darkest, the Filter First shade range  is as follows:

Ivory: Fair with a yellow undertone
Porcelain: Fair with a pink undertone
Buff: Light with a neutral undertone
Beige: Light with a pink undertone
Medium: Light medium with a neutral undertone
Fawn: Medium shade with a neutral undertone
Golden Medium: Medium shade with a red undertone
Caramel: Medium with an olive undertone
Cognac: Dark shade with a warm undertone
Pecan: Dark shade a cool undertone
Chestnut: Dark shade with  a warm undertone
Mahogany: Dark shade with a cool undertone



Filter First: The Before and After

Excuse my vulnerable eyes (my skin is one of my biggest insecurities), but as you can see from above, Filter First has transformed my complexion. I’ve gone concealer and powder-free so you can see its real ability to blur and cover without looking cakey or too heavy on the skin. My redness and blemishes appear completely diffused – and what’s good to know is I managed to get this coverage with only one pump of the Filter First foundation.



Filter First: With and Without Flash

One of the most common questions I get asked is: ‘can you recommend a full coverage foundation without SPF’, because of the flashback/ghost face in pictures problem.. I put Laura Geller’s Filter First Foundation to the flash test, and as you can see from above – it prevailed! If anything, it’s completely airbrushed my skin which is great for anyone who wants their complexion to look picture perfect.


Laura Geller Filter First Luminous Foundation Bottle Pump

Filter First: Need To Knows

After trialling and testing with different application methods, here’s how to make the most of your Filter First…

What’s the best way to apply Filter First?

I’ve tried and tested this for you! So, to sheer out the coverage, apply Filter First with a damp sponge, or for fuller coverage, apply Filter First with a fluffy, dense brush.

Should I use a primer with Filter First?

Absolutely. As someone with oily skin, I’ve found that I can always rely on Shiseido’s IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother to keep me matte and shine-free underneath cushiony textured foundations; however, dryer skins may prefer NIOD’s Hydration Vaccine, a smooth, moisture-locking base that receives nothing but love from both our customers and our team for smoothing out skin.

Not sure what shade will be the perfect fit? Tweet us and tell us the name and shade of your current foundation and we’ll help you pick out the perfect fit!


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