Nuxe Le Soir des Possibles & Le Matin des Possibles Review

Anything is possible – that’s what the two latest fragrances from French skincare brand NUXE tell us with their new duo of fragrances ‘Le Matin des Possibles’ and ‘Le Soir des Possibles’.  Both fragrances are created with a high percentage of naturally-derived ingredients (85.8% and 88.4% respectively) which gives them a botanical feel, but because they are not completely natural, they are able to have space and diffusion, which lets them slot very nicely into the world of modern perfumery.

These are uplifting, happy fragrances.  They smell clean and fresh, with sunny, fruity dispositions that are always calm and never dominate.  They are each the kind of fragrance that simply smells good – enhancing your natural personality rather than reconfiguring it.  With Matin for the day and Soir for the night, NUXE has provided us with a capsule wardrobe that allows from the perfect transition as the day draws to a close.  Let’s check them out!



Le Matin des PossiblesNuxe Le Matin Des Possibles Eau de Parfum Spray

The Notes

Top: Petitgrain, Blood Orange, Green Bergamot and Pink Berries

Heart: Orange Blossom Absolute, Peony Rose, Shiso Leaves and Coriander Seeds

Base: Cashmere Musk and Pinewood


How Does it Smell?

Le Matin des Possibles is a modern take on an eau de cologne, which is to say that it presents the familiar themes of a cologne – the citrus, florals, and herbs – and bathes them in a wave of hot, steamy musks.  It opens super fresh and clean with petitgrain – the essential oil distilled from the bark and leaves of the bitter orange tree – creating a harmonious blend of citrus and floral characters which continues as the fragrance develops.

Orange blossom and peony create a juicy floral heart that is soft and silky, with a delicate air.  It is surrounded by greenery, but not a lush, verdant forest, instead, the impression is much more subtle, like the scent of grass and shrubs caught briefly on a cool wind, adding a hay-like depth to a luminous, breezy fragrance.

Le Matin des Possibles smells like a summer’s day, when the warm, bright sunshine starts to warm the dew-soaked leaves and the cool breeze sheepishly blows away the coolness of the night before. It really is a day of possibilities…



Le Soir des PossiblesNuxe Le Soir des Possibles Eau de Parfum Spray

The Notes

Top: Blackcurrant Sorbet, Vine Peach, Bergamot Essence and Tangerine Essence

Heart: Indian Sambac Jasmine, Sweet Pea and Honeysuckle

Base: Indonesian Patchouli, Musk and Tree Moss


How Does it Smell?

Now, for the evening you may be expecting some heady oriental fragrance dripping in jewels and couture, but Le Soir des Possibles is actually much less showy than that.  Opening with the juicy, delicious and vibrant accord of blackcurrant sorbet, this evening of possibilities is ripe and tart, with a virgin cocktail blend of peach, bergamot and tangerine that would be drinkable if it weren’t so light and refined.

Florals once again reign supreme in the heart, however, in contrast to the solar floral tones of Le Matin des Possibles, the vibe here is much sweeter, albeit just as fresh.  The sweet greenery of jasmine clasps hands with the nectar tones of honeysuckle.  Together they forge a honey-like heart that joins the fruit cocktail of the opening and the musky, patchouli-centric base to create a smooth and attractive fragrance.

Le Soir des Possibles is not a raucous night out, nor is it a silky boudoir experience.  Instead, this easygoing fruity floral is actually a subtle, background fragrance that allows one’s personality to be the main focus.  It’s the kind of fragrance one wears when they simply want to smell good and when it comes to smelling lovely, Le Noir des Possible does a wonderful job indeed!


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