Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick Swatches

When it comes to lipstick, Rouge Dior is like royalty. That’s why for Rouge Dior’s 70th birthday they’ve rolled out the red carpet. Quite literally.

Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is a 22-piece lipstick wardrobe that’s dressed in the most luxurious red packaging you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And like every lipstick Christian Dior puts his name to, Ultra Rouge is all about giving women the chance to add a personal signature to their look. This idea is taken even further with this range, with the release of two extreme shades to layer and alter your lip to your heart’s content.

So, without further ado, let’s explore Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge; I have a feeling you’re going to like it, a lot…



Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick

Your Ultra Rouge Questions Answered

Before we explore the shades in the collection let’s get to know Ultra Rouge a little better…


What finish is Ultra Rouge?

Unlike the original Rouge Dior that comes in satin and matte finishes, Ultra Rouge has a shinier result and is described as a 12-hr long-lasting lip stain by DIOR. You can expect a really comfortable and nourishing texture due to a water and oil base and intense colour pay-off thanks to a high concentration of pigments.


How many lipsticks are there in the range?

There are 22 lipsticks in the range. However, 2 of those shades are ‘Extreme Shades’ (000 – Ultra Light and 111 Ultra Night). 000 – Ultra Light is white and 111 – Ultra Night is black and they’re designed to be layered over your favourite lipsticks to adapt their hue.

There’s also a line-up of 6 ultra-precise Ink Lip Liners within the Ultra Rouge collection, as well as 2 new Nail Vernis shades.



Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick Swatches in 000 Ultra Light and 111 Ultra Night Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick Swatches in 999 Ultra Dior, 000 Ultra Light and 111 Ultra Night

000 – Ultra LightThis extreme shade is unlike other lipsticks, it’s designed to be layered over another colour to adapt it. A bright white pigment, you can expect 000 – Ultra Light to lighten the colour you apply it over. Above we used it with 999 – Ultra Dior, a vibrant cherry red to give it a more coral-pink hue.

111 – Ultra Night: Whereas 000 – Ultra Light lightens and brightens, 111 – Ultra Night will take any shade you choose to the dark side. The black pigment will add depth and a vampy result to your look. We paired it with 999 – Ultra Dior to create the burgundy result above.




325 – Ultra Tender: The perfect everyday nude, this beige shade has a very slight pink quality and a cool undertone.

436 – Ultra Trouble: A great alternative to a pillar box red, Ultra Trouble is a brick red with a warm undertone.

450 – Ultra Lively: This peachy pink has a neutral undertone and will make everyone that wears it feel super feminine.

485 – Ultra Lust: Purple and pink combine to make Ultra Lust, a blue-toned hue that creates a very delicate just-bitten lip effect.

545 – Ultra Mad: The most vibrant of the red-orange hues within the lineup, Ultra Mad is an exotic take on a signature red lip.



555 – Ultra Kiss: Pink lovers this is for you! Ultra Kiss is a wearable coral pink with a warm undertone.

587 – Ultra Appeal: An alternative to a standard nude, Ultra Appeal is a muted plum hue with a cool undertone.

600 – Ultra Tough: Ultra Tough is deep brown-purple with a cool undertone and has an almost chocolatey character to it.

641 – Ultra Spice: This brown-red lipstick has a richness and a neutral undertone.

651 – Ultra Fire: Ultra Fire has a warm, deep red hue that’s less orange than 545 – Ultra Mad.



660 – Ultra Atomic: This bubblegum pink has a blue undertone.

755 – Ultra Daring: A vibrant purple, Ultra Daring has a blue-tinged coolness.

770 – Ultra Love: Ultra Love is a rich cherry red with a very slight berry quality.

777 – Ultra Star: What I’d dub a Marilyn Monroe lipstick, Ultra Star is a neutral to warm red.

843 – Ultra Crave: This brown-plum leans on the cool side and dresses lips in bold, deep colour.



851 – Ultra Shock: This alluring purple-red hue mimics the look of berry-stained lips.

870 – Ultra Pulse: This magenta shade is cool and vivacious.

883 -Ultra Poison: Walking the line between purple and brown, Ultra Poison has a boysenberry hue.

986 – Ultra Radical: Darker and less purple than Ultra Poison, Ultra Radical has an almost chocolate-raisin quality.

999 – Ultra Dior: A classic! This pillar box red is a neutral red that’ll suit all skin tones.


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  • GH68

    These lipsticks are brilliant. Good coverage, moist feeling, but then they gradually dry to a matte finish that still feels supple. Amazing!

    • escentual

      Couldn’t agree more, and the packaging is the icing on the cake! Ceryn