Lancome Idole: The Story

There’s more to choosing a perfume than how it smells or what the bottle looks like. The inspiration and message behind many scents are often just as beautiful as the composition or flacon, and Idole by Lancome is one of those fragrances. Yes, it smells incredible, and its bottle is undeniably chic, but the story behind it is just as important.

Female empowerment, better yet, celebrating female empowerment, is at the heart of Idole. Its mantra ‘fragrance made by women for women’ runs throughout its story. From its inspiration to the perfumers, and the face of the campaign, Idole is a symbol of strong feminity. Here’s everything you need to know…

Zendaya with Lancome Idole Eau de Parfum

“Here’s to the ones who dream big. A new generation of conquering women. Strong. Outspoken. Empowered. Here’s to the leaders of tomorrow, daringly reaching for the sky and opening new horizons. Here’s to the new idols, paving the way for others. Declare the time is now, be your own Idole.” – Lancome

The Inspiration

Fragrance always could induce confidence, but Idole takes it to the next level. For this launch, Lancome set out to create an aroma that turns women into inspiring leaders – one spritz, and you’re your own Idol – strong, outspoken and empowered.

Idole has other inspirations too. Travel is one of the ideas behind its ultra-slim bottle, which takes cues from smartphones, while the ingredients in its composition are sustainably sourced – another core thread of Idole.


The Perfumers

Nothing says female empowerment quite like three women working together, and that’s what happened with Idole. Lancome chose perfumers, Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadege Le Garlantezec and Adriana Medina to create Idole together. Each perfumer brought something different to the blend, through their experience and personality, and the outcome is a floral-chypre that’s radiant in both smell and story.

It’s rare to see three perfumers working together, let alone three female perfumers – fingers crossed this sets a precedent for the rest of the industry!


The Face

Actress Zendaya (yes, the one from Greatest Showman) is the face of Lancome Idole; and we can’t think of a better woman for the job! As an advocate for equality and empowerment, she completely encapsulates Idole and all its inspirations.


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