5 Presents for the Pickiest People

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Decorative lights are lining the streets, sweet cinnamon scents filling the air, fires crackling in the corner of every British pub. However, it is easy to let the pressure of present buying overshadow the magic of Christmas. A lighthearted game of secret Santa soon becomes a haven of stress and panic; will my sisters’ boyfriends’ mum like my present? Who knows? Well, don’t worry, because I do! I have hand-selected five products that will guarantee to crack a smile on Christmas day, even from the pickiest of people.

From beauty lovers to those in need of a little TLC, these gifts will make the perfect present, alleviating all stress – leaving you free to sip on mulled wine in your Christmas pyjamas this festive season.


#1 A Goodnight’s Sleep, Bottled

Two hands holding the Tisserand Sleep Sanctuary set pillow mist, roller ball and candle

Tisserand Aromatherapy Sleep Sanctuary Sleep Better Collection

Imagine being able to give the gift of a good night’s sleep? It sounds impossible, something you could only dream of, right? Wrong! Although you can’t wrap up eight hours of beauty sleep, you can wrap up the Aromatherapy Sleep Sanctuary Sleep Better Collection. These essential oils are carefully crafted to promote a better night’s sleep. You can either spray the scent onto your pillow, massage the roller ball onto your temples or burn the candle. The gorgeous notes of jasmine, sandalwood and lavender will make any bedroom a peaceful sanctuary. A perfect gift for anyone who deserves a good night’s sleep, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?


#2 The Luxury Home Fragrance

Hands holding the Acqua di Parma Luce di Colonia Reed Diffuser

Acqua di Parma Luce di Colonia Reed Diffuser 

Not everyone is a beauty fanatic. For example, my mum; blessed with gorgeous skin, she rarely wears makeup; the palette I bought her last Christmas is not in need of replacing. A perfect alternative is the Luce di Colonia Reed Diffuser. The diffuser omits a sophisticated scent of fresh citrus mixed with fruity florals, guaranteed to add a flourish of Italian style to any room. The scent draws inspiration from Colonia, Acqua di Parma’s iconic perfume. The shape of the diffuser is reminiscent of the fragrance bottle too – a gorgeous addition to any home. If you like spice, give Oh L’Amore a try, or if you prefer fresh, floral scents, La Casa Sul Lago will be the best choice for you.


#3 The Everyday Makeup Brush Set

Image of a pair of hands holding the contents of the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials set

Real Techniques Everyday Essential Gift Set

Makeup brushes are always a safe bet. You don’t have to worry about colour-matching, or whether they’ll like the formulas. Instead, you can add the Everyday Essentials Set to basket and know they won’t re-gift it, and you’ll save them a job of cleaning their old brushes too! What’s great about this line-up is that it covers all bases (no pun intended), inside there are brushes for foundation, powders, eyeshadow and there’s even a sponge for good measure! If they wear makeup, it’ll be a hit.


#4 A Glow-Boosting Facial Spray

Hands holding a bottle of the Caudalie Beauy Elixir spray

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Christmas is a busy time of year. The last thing on anyone’s mind is touching up makeup! Who has the time? Luckily, Caudalie has a perfect pick-me-up product – the Beauty Elixir. This multi-purpose facial mist gives every complexion a boost. It can be used at any point of the day; to prep skin before makeup, to set makeup or to quickly refresh the skin! One single spray to the face makes skin glow! The scent is genuinely stunning, too; it pairs subtle fruity notes with a touch of mint, which creates a fresh aroma when sprayed. Beauty Elixir has achieved cult status worldwide; so whether you’re buying for a beauty newcomer or a beauty addict, they are bound to love it!

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#5 The Suits-All Serum

Hands holding a bottle of the Vichy Mineral 89 Serum

Vichy Mineral 89 Serum

Skincare products can be tricky to buy for someone else. Finding a product which suits their skin type can be near impossible, but not entirely impossible! Vichy’s Mineral 89 Serum is a universal product, perfect for all skin types. It provides a boost of hydration to the skin without feeling sticky, plus it forms a protective barrier that defends the skin against pollution. It only requires the smallest pump to achieve a gorgeous, instant glow. Serum is a step people often forget about, and a product people don’t usually buy for themselves, so why not lend a helping hand this Christmas!

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