3 Products That Soothe My Skin After At-Home Dermaplaning

image of Chelsey from Escentual's favourite french skincare products to use after dermaplaning

We asked the Escentual beauty team to share three holy grail French skincare products in their shelfie. From ageing to eczema, we’ve seen team members, Ceryn, Keavy and Elisabeth share their favourites. Finally, our Co-Editor, Chelsey, talks through the soothing aftercare that’s helped protect her skin after at-home dermaplaning.

Skincare routines are different for everyone. I treat mine like my wardrobe; it’s always on rotation, ready for every occasion. I have core staples and mini ‘concern capsules’ for everything from exfoliating peels and breakout SOS’ to post-retinol remedies. Each one I’ve tried and tested to give me great skin, even when my lifestyle doesn’t.

For this shelfie instalment, I’m sharing my dermaplaning capsule. A trend, not a fad, this glowy-skin technique has become a huge talking point in the industry. Never heard of it? Dermaplaning is the process of using an exfoliating blade to remove hair, blackheads and make-up build-up. It helps fade acne scars, reduce fine lines, improve skin texture, and help the penetration of products for smoother skin results. My personal favourite, however, is seeing all my peach fuzz come away – it’s my guilty pleasure!

Dermaplaning isn’t painful, nor is it something to be scared of. However, as you’re giving your skin an intense exfoliation, it’s essential to give your skin the extra protection and hydration it needs after dermaplaning. Here are the products I swear by…


#1 My Favourite Cleanser

nuxe reve de miel cleansing gel bottle and texture image

Using a deep cleanser is the first step to a successful dermaplane. For hygiene reasons, skin must be squeaky clean beforehand. The Reve de Miel Cleanser by Nuxe is my core cleanser; I use it with every capsule because it gets rid of everything. Together, this Nuxe cleanser and my Magic Makeup Flannel remove every last impurity, so my skin is clean, fresh and ready for exfoliation. No matter how much makeup or SPF I wear, using this cleansing gel never feels like a chore; it’s my favourite cleanser of all time.

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#2 My Soothing Serum

image of avene intense hydrance serum bottle and texture

If there are two things to remember about dermaplaning, it’s to avoid makeup for at least 24 hours and acids/retinol for at least 48 hours after. I also avoid using acids or retinol 48 hours before too. Due to the level of exfoliation dermaplaning offers, your skin naturally becomes more sensitive afterwards, thus exposing your skin to the elements; however, dermaplaning also improves product absorption so that ingredients can penetrate deeper for better results.

After cleansing and dermaplaning, my next step is to apply something that cools and soothes. I start by sandwiching my routine with a layer of Avene’s Hydrance Intense Serum. I use this serum in particular because it doesn’t aggravate my skin one bit; my skin instantly drinks it up. Now here comes the science bit, Avene’s patented ingredient, Cohederm, has been specially formulated to restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film (this is your skin’s natural way of protecting against bacteria and water-loss), which is an essential task after dermaplaning. I then lock the moisture in with a few sprays of Avene Thermal Water Spray for an extra boost.

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#3 My Essential Barrier Cream

Image of Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm texture and product

Aquaphor is my final go-to when I dermaplane. This ointment is more multi-purpose than you think, and it’s a hidden gem for dry skin! After spritzing with Thermal Water, I slather this balm all over my skin and treat it as an overnight mask. Why? Aquaphor lets your skin breathe while creating a protective layer. It cleverly supports the natural transfer of water and oxygen in your skin; so you haven’t got to worry about nasty free radicals, plus, I wake up to silky soft skin by morning.

Top tip: If you’re scared of dermaplaning, rub a tiny amount of Aquaphor on your face 5 minutes before skimming to create a smoother glide.

Finally, to be extra protected, I can’t forget to mention SPF. The morning after dermaplaning, I use the same routine, but add in my Clarins Mineral SPF30. Mineral makeup is safe to use after dermaplaning, so this tinted SPF gives me an extra bit of confidence, as I hate going bare-faced!

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Over To You!

This year I turn 30, and at-home dermaplaning is keeping me looking young(ish) and radiant; I highly recommend it. If you’ve got any questions, tweet me over on @EscentualChels.


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