Everyone’s Wearing Hair Perfume – Here’s Why

Every once in a while, a new product launches in the beauty world, a trend starts, and everyone has an aha moment. It’s met with a sudden epiphany and the question of how did we ever live without it in the first place? It happened in 2005 when makeup setting sprays replaced hairspray (let’s not open that can of worms), and it’s happening again now with hair perfumes. They’re making everyone’s tresses smell amazing and are marking a new, luxurious way to wear, and enjoy scent. As we approach the quarter-point of 2020, fragrance hair mists remain a huge trend. So, read on to find out everything you need to know, and most importantly, which ones are the best!


What do hair perfumes do?

Hair perfumes are designed to fragrance the hair while respecting it. There’s less alcohol in the formula than perfume (more on that below), plus they have conditioning and anti-pollution ingredients that help hair stay healthy and shiny.


Why can’t I use a ‘regular perfume’ in my hair?

‘Normal’ perfumes contain a high concentration of alcohol which will dry out your hair. If you want to scent your tresses, hair mists are the less damaging choice; as well as less alcohol, they contain nourishing oils and actives to keep your hair soft and shiny. Many protect the hair from external aggressors including cigarette smoke and pollution. 


Is great-smelling hair (without damage) the only bonus of using a hair perfume?

No! Another plus is that they’re often cheaper than perfume, so they’re a great way to test-out an aroma before committing to the full-size fragrance. Then, when you have both you can wear them together to create a veil of scent like no other. 

Hair perfumes make an excellent ‘alternative fragrance’ for those with skin conditions that shouldn’t spray scent onto their skin. As someone with eczema, when I have a flare-up, I wear hair perfume on the ends of my hair – just make sure you avoid your scalp. They also work well for travel, as the bottles tend to be more minimalist.


How do I use a scented hair mist?

Apply as the last step in your hair routine, so after styling. Spritz 15cm away from your hair, or spray into the air and walk through it.


Which hair perfume is the best?

With so many on the market, this is the burning question. But, the answer is simple: it’s one that works well with your perfume. Either look for a similar fragrance family or better yet, get the matching hair mist to your perfume – most brands have one now! If you don’t wear perfume, or fancy trying something new I’ve listed some of my favourites below.


#1 Bright & Sensual

Best for: Longevity

Image of Mugler Alien Beautifying Hair Mist

The Alien hair mist is one of the original hair perfumes. The 30ml spritz contains nourishing oils and the signature notes of the iconic Alien Eau de Parfum, including bright mandarin essence, heady jasmine, and glowing white amber; the result smells sophisticated yet sensual. 

Of all the mists in this round-up, Alien was one of the most long-lasting – after wearing it all day, I could still smell the bright, creamy scent lingering on my hair when I was laying in bed. What I love the most, however, is that it’s more wearable Alien. Die-hard Alien fans, don’t run a mile yet – you can pair the hair mist with the Eau de Parfum. But if the original is a little too much for you, this is the perfect alternative. 

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#2 Sweet & Floral

Best for: Versatility 

Image of Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist
The Miss DIOR fragrance has been around for years, but its popularity has never gone away. Every year, DIOR introduces a new interpretation, but fans of the original always come back for the sweet rose scent. The best part? It’s available in a hair mist! And with the latest release, Rose N’Roses fast-becoming the new it-fragrance, not including it here would be unjust.

What’s unique about the Miss Dior hair mist is that it’ll work with all Miss Dior perfumes – plus most feminine aromas! It contains a soft, feminine blend of mandarin, jasmine and patchouli, an elegant trio that’s undeniably pretty and uplifting. The scent isn’t all it has to offer either. Like the others I’ve chosen, it contains active ingredients to refresh hair between washes and protect against pollution, which will keep your hair smelling and feeling wonderful all-day.

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#3 Fruity & Woody

Best for: Anti-Pollution

Image of Givenchy L'Interdit Hair Mist

If you’re under the impression hair perfumes only help your hair to smell incredible, here’s something that’ll convince you otherwise. The L’Interdit hair mist will make your hair smell amazing, but it’ll also protect it against external aggressors thanks to added anti-pollution protection – great news if you live or work in a busy city. 

The aroma itself is very similar to the Eau de Parfum – a sugary woody floral. Inside the juice, there’s an moreish twist of fruity bergamot and pear, an orange floral blossom, jasmine, and tuberose heart, finished with a creamy vanilla and patchouli base. It’s sweet with a mysterious edge that makes it feel grown-up and glamorous. 

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#4 Warm and Floral

Best for: Uniqueness

Image of Miller Harris Scherzo Hair Mist

The Scherzo Hair Mist is the newest release in this line-up, and dare I say, the most intriguing. The chypre (learn more about that here) Eau de Parfum is inspired by a confectioner’s window. But it’s not all sugary sweets, the addition of rich floral notes and oud give the composition serious depth. And although slightly paired back in the hair mist, there’s still a beautiful complexity about it that’ll make people ask what you’re wearing. But that’s not it; the hair perfume contains hydrating ingredients to keep hair looking sleek and feeling its best – no matter how much you spritz. 

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#5 Sweet & Addictive

Best For: Hair and Body

Image of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Hair Mist

The Black Opium hair mist smells so good you’ll want to spray it everywhere, which is why YSL have made it possible that you can – spritz it on your hair, body – wherever you want (within reason). The formula is made with the original fragrance notes, plus added argan-oil to stop your tresses from drying out. 

Black Opium’s coffee-vanilla-white floral scent isn’t for the fainthearted, though, and the hair mist follows suit, its aroma is intense, long-lasting, and you’ll smell it the next day without fail. 

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