4 Intense Fragrances That Rival The Original

best intense fragrances for 2020

“Thomas, AKA The Candy Perfume Boy, predicts the perfume trends of this year with his ‘Top 5 Fragrance Trends of 2020‘, a visionary guide that gives you everything you need to know about what’s going to be big this year; here’s how to be a step ahead of the trends.”

Gazing into my Baccarat crystal ball earlier this year (yes, I’m extra), I went full Mystic Meg and predicted the big perfume trends for 2020. One of those trends was an increase in intensity, and I was right. Much in the same way that Dior has done with Joy, and Guerlain has done with Mon Guerlain. I had a feeling more brands would launch stronger, but not necessarily new perfumes. Intense fragrances tend to be richer, more present and often longer-lasting. Here are four intense aromas that we at Escentual are loving right now…


#1 Lancome La Vie Est Belle Intensement

best intense fragrances: lancome la vie est belle intensement

Intense doesn’t always mean louder or more tenacious, it can actually mean richer and deeper. La Vie Est Belle Intensement is a good example of an intense fragrance that opts for a more refined and sensual approach. Taking the iris powder, candy floss and fruit of La Vie Est Belle and smoothing them into luxurious velvet, Intensement is an elegant fragrance that dials down the sugar and amps up the powdery feel. It is so much smoother and so much softer, feeling like beautifully fragranced talc on the skin. I think it’s the best version of La Vie Est Belle yet!

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#2 D&G The One For Men Intense

best intense fragrances for 2020: Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men Eau de Parfum

The striking black bottle of The One for Men Intense lets you know that you’re in for a devilishly handsome experience, and that is precisely what the juice inside delivers. There are two sides to this fragrance though; a rugged, stubbled cowboy lost amongst the heady woody scent of cypress trees. You also have the animalistic side of leather and the delicate, powdered, preened man he becomes at night. Sparkling neroli and the softness of cashmeran hints at a classic eau de cologne, creating the image of someone well-groomed. The intensity here is the striking duality of wild and tamed, all captured within a scent that smells really, really good.

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#3 Armani Si Passione Intense

best intense fragrances 2020: Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense

Si Passione Intense is much like Si Passione just with more of the “Passione”. This is “Passione to the Max”, “Passione Squared” and “Passione with Oomph”. The key difference here is the sweetness, which is dialled up, but it never becomes overwhelming. Brilliant white jasmine flowers are glazed with shimmering blackcurrant nectar and whipped into a fluffy, creamy base of vanilla. The result is a delicately balanced gourmand fragrance with a remarkable sense of freshness and clarity.

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#4 Narciso For Him Bleu Noir Extreme

best intense fragrances for 2020: Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir Eau de Toilette Extreme Spray

The “extreme” in For Him Bleu Noir refers to an extreme sense of freshness, presented through crystalline musks, spices and woods. Bleu Noir was and is an ode to the warm, spicy overlap of cardamom and cedarwood. Extreme uses this theme as a core pillar but shrouds it with the herbal facets of basil and the juiciness of green mandarin. Transparent musks add a subtle oceanic feel, capturing the bracing coolness of intensely blue waves crashing against dark rocks. Bleu Noir Extreme is refreshing, masculine and deeply desirable.

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