5 Best Caffeine Beauty Products For Your Skin and Hair

5 Best Caffeine Beauty Products For Your Skin and Hair

Caffeine intake is on the rise, and not just in your morning coffee. I’m talking about caffeine as an ingredient in your beauty and skincare regime. But don’t be fooled, unlike your morning coffee, it has a whole host of benefits for your skin and hair that go beyond an energy boost. Find out how you’ll benefit from using this multi-purpose ingredient in your everyday routine below.

Why is caffeine a trending ingredient?

Caffeine as an ingredient isn’t anything new. Still, there’s been a definitive spike in its use over the last couple of years with more and more products harnessing its multi-purpose uses. This is because, unlike a few years ago, consumers are now armed with clearer information about ingredients and what effects they will have on skin or hair. It’s caffeine’s many different uses and relatively instant results that make it so popular and in-demand!

What does it do and how?

Let’s get the general misconception about caffeine out of the way. In essence, it won’t energise your skin, in the same way a cup of coffee peps you up, but what it can do is work actively to enhance your skin and hair.

Caffeine is an anti-inflammatory used in products to help soothe and calm the complexion. It’s great for calming rosacea and warding off flare-ups. Thanks to its antioxidant power, this also makes it a useful ingredient for protection against the harmful effects of UV rays and pollution because it fights free radicals.

A vasoconstrictor (an agent that narrows blood vessels), caffeine reduces puffiness, especially around the eye area, so it can help to diminish under-eye bags and dark circles. It’s also known to improve blood flow, which stimulates and brightens skin and improves collagen production.


How can I incorporate caffeine into my beauty routine?

Whether it’s your puffy eyes, your anti-ageing concerns or wobbly tummy you want to improve – I’ve rounded up my favourite products that use caffeine as an active ingredient.


#1 Tackle Puffy Eyes

Best caffeine beauty skincare product for puffy eyes: The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

I’m never without a bottle of Caffeine Solution in my beauty stash – it’s a must-have for mornings after a late night or after I’ve had a good cry! Made with 5% caffeine and EGCG (a potent polyphenol found in green tea leaves) this lightweight eye serum works to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. It can be applied in the morning and evening.

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Find out a secret use for Caffeine Solution here.


#2 Tone Your Tech-Neck

Best Caffeine beauty Skincare for Lines On The Neck: Niod Elasticity Catalyst

If you’ve started to notice tell-tale signs of ageing on your neck area, or you’re experiencing ‘tech-neck’ (wrinkles on the skin that are a result of spending too much time looking down at your phone); this smart formula from NIOD is the solution. Caffeine helps to visibly tone this area of the body for a smoother and firmer neck. At the same time, innovative pro-elastin and pro-elastic-fibre technologies prevent visible skin deformation by rebuilding proteins within the skin.

Tip: When applying a neck cream, be careful not to pull on this delicate area of skin. Apply in an upward sweeping motion with a very light touch to discourage any sagging.

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#3 Stimulate Hair Growth

Best Caffeine beauty Product for thinning hair and regrowth: Klorane Quinine Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray

I often get asked ‘what will help my hair to grow faster?’ My recommendation is always the same; the Quinine Keratin Strengthening Spray. The hero ingredients are keratin, quinine and vitamin B. Together with caffeine, they help to replenish the scalp with vital nutrients that boost the hair, stimulate growth, and strengthen the hair fibres. At the same time, caffeine encourages cell metabolism to encourage hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. I swear by it!

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For more reasons to try this caffeine-infused hair treatment check out Ceryn’s post here.


#4 Firm Up a Wobbly Waist

Best caffeine creams for cellulite and improving elasticity: Clarins Restorative Redefining Body Care

Caffeine works wonders on the body, too. As we get older, we all start to notice a lack of firmness in the waist area. No matter how many sit-ups you do, sometimes you need a little helping hand! That’s where this reshaping gel-cream comes in; powered by caffeine and active ingredients it limits the increase of fatty tissue, improves skin elasticity and firms. After using this cream for a week, I saw an improvement in the firmness of my waist and abdomen, and I’m looking forward to seeing its long-term results.

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#5 Pep up Your Tired and Ageing Skin

Best caffeine anti-ageing moisturiser for face: Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Normal to Combination Skin

Lift Activ Supreme is a shot of espresso for your skin. Infused with skin-stimulating caffeine, it’s perfect for those with busy lives showing signs of ageing. The nourishing formula also boasts 3D optical correction technology that will help to smooth and blur the surface of the skin to fake eight hours of sleep – even if you’ve only had four! I love that it helps to smooth the little fine lines and wrinkles I regularly spot on my forehead and around my eyes and makes the perfect canvas for makeup.

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Over To You

Have you tried any beauty products with caffeine in them? What did you think? Join in the conversation Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know!


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