How To Fake Beauty Sleep With Skincare

3 ways to look more awake with skincare: avene physiolift eyes, eucerin hyaluron filler mask, nuxe creme boost primer

Are you struggling to sleep? I bet your skin is showing the effects. Beauty sleep is not a myth; your skin wants you to wake to glowing results. Studies show bedtime is when your skin is working its hardest to renew itself. But, it’s not that straightforward for everyone.

The search term for ‘how to fake sleep’ has risen again, and I’m not surprised; the current situation we’re facing is tough. It’s hard to switch off; your brain is running overtime.

Even though you’re tired, scrolling your phone, or a midnight snack will seem way more appealing than considering your circadian rhythm (our physical, mental, and behavioural changes that respond to light and darkness). But, your skin’s renewal process relies on this rhythm. If you’re not sleeping well, your skin won’t be able to hide it.


How Does Lack Of Sleep Affect Your Skin?

Dryness: It’s simple: dullness, dehydration and it speeds up the ageing process. A lack of sleep lowers your skin’s pH level, creating an imbalance and a drop in its natural ability to hydrate itself, resulting in drier skin.

Ageing: Bad sleep creates stress and the increase of the hormone, cortisol which triggers inflammation and affects collagen production; it’s vital for preserving the structure of your skin. When collagen production halts, your skin shows it by becoming thinner and less firm; fragile skin is less smooth, and unfortunately shows fine lines and wrinkles more.

Dullness: Tiredness causes the blood in your body to flow less effectively; this lack of oxygen in your blood can, in turn, make your skin. look grey, pigmented and blotchy – which is never a good look.


How Does Lack Of Sleep Affect Your Eye Area?

Dark circles are the most common answer. But, it’s more about cardiovascular health and water balance. Good sleep (around 7-8 hours per night) maintains good blood and water circulation – it’s the opposite when you average less than 6 hours. Your blood vessels dilate, thus leading to dark circles, and poor water balance which creates the grey/blue under eye shadows and bags that we all try hard to avoid.


Editor Essentials For Faking A Good Night’s Sleep

Dullness, premature ageing and dark circles are only a few of the tell-tale zero sleep signs, and I’ve had to introduce certain ‘rules’ into my routine to stop them.

In addition to giving myself a ‘blue light (mobile phones and laptops) ban’ 1 hour before bed and daily journaling; scroll down to discover the skincare fixes that always make me look more awake, even when I can’t manage 4 hours.


#1 Keep A Plumping Sheet Mask To Hand

fake a good night sleep with skincare: eucerin hylauron filler sheet mask

My Essential: Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Hyaluron Intensive Mask

I recently came across this sheet mask during research on bio-cellulose masks, and now on my dull days, it’s the quickest fix I can rely on (as you can see from my tweet below):

Whether I’m up late proofing articles, or I’m after a ‘no-makeup’ day without looking dull, I reach for this mask because of its ability to make my skin look healthy and awake. If you need more than my word, it’s clinically and dermatologically proven to deliver moisturising results.

The mask is loaded with 12ml of Eucerin’s star product: Hyaluron Filler Concentrate. The combination of high and low weight hyaluronic acid penetrates deep where wrinkles form while plumping the top layers of your skin for radiant results. Chinese liquorice plant (Licohalcone A) acts as an instant anti-inflammatory, and vitamin C (the derm favourite when it comes to radiance) fights the dulling and drying effects of stress in only 5 minutes.

Tip: When applying the mask, peel off one blue side; mould the mask to your face, and then when you get the perfect fit, remove the final blue layer. I also use the leftover product from the blue protective layers on my neck and hands to avoid wasting any.

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#2 Never Skip Eye Cream

how to fake a good night sleep with eye cream avene physiolift eyes

My Essential: Avene PhysioLift Eyes

Avene’s Physiolift eyes is a gold standard for eye creams that deliver. Since this launched back in 2015, it’s always been my daily choice and top recommendation because it does it all. The technology in this eye cream targets increasing blood flow, so you’ll find it decongests and firms while refreshing the skin, which is just what a tired eye area needs.

Ingredients like dextran sulfate, a popular skincare anticoagulant (inhibits the coagulation of the blood) and super antioxidant, pre-tocopheryl work hard to fake a good night’s sleep. Pre-tocopheryl is also great at protecting skin from UV-generated free radicals, which is perfect for any of those late-night scrolls.

Tip: Avoid sleeping on your stomach if you have puffy or inflamed eyes; this can create inflammation as ‘pools’ of liquids sit in the ‘pouch’ under your eyes, causing enhanced puffiness.

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#3 Always Add Moisture

how to fake a good night sleep with primer.


My Essential: Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Boost 5-in-1 Multi-Perfection Smoothing Primer

Even when you want to go bare-faced and skip makeup, Nuxe’s Creme Prodigieuse Primer provides that little something extra to perk you up. What I love about this product is that it makes your skin look and feel better in only 15 seconds. Dilated pores, fine lines and small imperfections are all blurred, and the dulling effects of no sleep are all reduced with this super potent antioxidant cream.

Its quenching benefits are equally impressive. Hydration comes from active ingredients like phytosqualane, which mimic your skin’s natural hydration progress. The primer pulls water into the outer layers of your skin from the deeper levels thanks to the humectant powers of glycerin too – it’s great at locking in moisture.

Fact: This 5-in-1 primer tackles the effects of a busy lifestyle, mainly: tiredness, stress, ageing, pollution, oiliness and imperfections.

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