3 Luxury Room Sprays To Uplift Your Home

3 Fragrance Expert-Approved Room Sprays

Room sprays are the most immediate and transient of home fragrance products. I see them as a scented pick-me-up that you can spritz quickly to change the mood of a room. They’re instant shots of scent that don’t linger as long as the scent from a candle or a diffuser but provide a more intense hit of fragrance. I like to use mine when entertaining to give an immediate sense of freshness in a room, but they can also be handy when you need to cover unwanted cooking or pet smells. They are very convenient!

Here is a selection of easy, breezy room sprays that bring an instant jolt of beautiful scent to your home.


1. To Relax

Bets Room Sprays: Miller Harris Home Periwrinkle Room Spray

There are so many things to love about the colour periwinkle. Firstly, the name is just a lovely word to say, but it also represents a particular hue, where violet and blue merge seamlessly. For Miller Harris, the colour periwinkle (yes, I’m going to try and say the word as many times as I can) represents a fusion of the exotic and the ocean. The Periwinkle Room Spray pairs the scent of a salty sea breeze with tropical orchids, incense, woods and musk to create a transportive fragrance that takes you to the coast of an exotic island, evoking the very place where the warm ocean meets sandy beaches.

Spray this in any room that you want to relax in.

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2. To Refresh

Best Room Sprays: L'Occitane Souffle de Liberte Revitalising Home Perfume

I’m a big fan of mint when it comes to home fragrance. There’s just something so refreshing and clean about it that brings a sense of calm to any room you scent with it. The people at L’Occitane seem to think so too, and their Souffle de Liberte Revitalising Home Perfume is a breezy blend of mint, pine and sweet orange. It creates a sense of cleanliness and calm, but also perks up any room you spray it in. It’s the perfect aroma to give any room a quick shot of happiness!

Spray this in any room that you want to feel clean.

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3. To De-Stress

Best Room Sprays: Tisserand Total De-Stress MoodFix Mist

Tisserand is a brand that uses aromatherapy to uplift your mood. Their many products can be used in a variety of ways that enhance our lives, whether that be to aid sleep or find focus. Their Total De-Stress Moodfix Mist has been designed to, you guessed it, de-stress you! With fresh geranium, sweet orange and warm nutmeg, this mist is zesty and refreshing, perking up the senses but also bringing a soothing feeling. Spray it around the room and feel the change in mood.

Spray this when you feel you need some instant calm.

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