5 of the Best Orange Fragrances

5 of the Best Orange Fragrances

Orange is so evocative of summer; it makes us think of deliriously beautiful sunsets, of delicious fruits, terracotta tiles, flamboyant sundresses and Solero ice creams. All things orange, all things wonderful.

Fragrances can also make us think of specific colours, and many bring the image of vivid orange to mind. This could be because they use orange notes, like orange, mandarin or orange blossom (all things that make one think “ORANGE”) or just in where they transport us. Here are four, bang on trend perfumes to give you that much-needed orange fix!


1. The Refreshing Orange

Best Orange Fragrances; Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia Eau de Toilette

Orange Soleia is orange at its purest, in the form of an orange note so vivid it almost feels drinkable (please do not drink it, it will taste bad). The Eau de Toilette blends sticky sweet oranges with sharp blood oranges, a spicy rose note and airy, woody notes to transport you right into the middle of a sun-soaked orange grove in the heart of Sicily. It’s just so sunny, so refreshing, and so orange that you can’t help but smile when you wear it.

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2. The Sunny Orange

Best Orange Fragrances; Acqua di Parma Blu Meditteraneo Arancia di Capri Eau de Toilette

Acqua di Parma brings an effortless Italian flair to all that they do, and Arancia di Capri is no exception. Capturing the juicy, refreshing and sunny beauty of oranges from the island of Capri, this fragrance is essentially sunlight in a bottle. With gloriously zesty fruits contrast with the herbal greenery of mate leaves. Aranci di Capri brings you not just a bright shade of orange but also a vibrant colour block where the deep blue of the sky and the rich greenery of leaves provide the perfect contrast.

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3. The Spicy Orange

Best Orange Fragrances; Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger Eau de Parfum

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to dive into a bed of warm orange blossom petals, then you’ve never tried Fleurs d’Oranger by Serge Lutens, because that’s exactly what this fragrance is like. Inspired by the orange blossom harvest in Morocco, Fleurs d’Oranger captures the heady scent of white petals and hot spices, evoking a day spent in a bustling market amongst piles of spices, flowers and fabrics.

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4. The Subtle Orange

Best Orange Fragrances; 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Splash

There’s a double shot of orange goodness in this classic Eau de Cologne which, let’s face it, is the reference Eau de Cologne. Sweet orange blends beautifully with bergamot and lemon to create a clean, refreshing and dewy opening. At the same time, the orange-tinged scent of neroli brings an airy, golden quality, creating the perfect blend that is so familiar to us as “cologne”. 4711 is a light and delicate take on orange that never feels out of place.

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5. The Sunset Orange

Best Orange Fragrances; Eight & Bob Memoires de Mystique Eau de Toilette

The best orange thing in the world is a sunset, and Memoires de Mustique perfectly captures the intense, warm glow of the sun as it starts to dip below the horizon. With soft, fuzzy orange blossom accented by the fruity, apricot vibe of Osmanthus and the golden sweetness of honey, Memoires de Mustique is awash with amber-coloured light. It’s as beautiful and refreshing as the cool breeze of the night, wafting gently as the sun sets.

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