3 of the Best Volumising Mascaras

3 Best Volumising Mascaras

All too often we think that the only way to achieve thick, long and dramatic lashes is with false lashes. I have one word – false! If you choose the right volumising mascara it will do all the hard work for you because let’s face it, it’s a lot less fuss than false lashes!

All you need to make an impact with your eyes is a good volumising mascara. An excellent formula will add thickness and length to thin and wispy lashes and make everyone believe you’re wearing false lashes, even if you’re not!


What’s the cause of thin and thinning lashes?

• Age – as you get older your eyelashes will start to thin. This is because ageing decreases the skin’s ability to retain moisture and leads to hormonal imbalances which can affect follicle stimulation and slow down the growth of new hairs.
• Eye infections, thyroid imbalance and vitamin deficiency can cause lashes to thin.
• Too much wear and tear – using false lashes repeatedly, rubbing your eyes, not washing off your eye makeup properly.


What you can do to make your lashes more voluminous?

• Use a gentle eye makeup remover that requires less rubbing to remove your eye makeup – this will help you to keep the lashes you have and stop them from disappearing or falling out.
• Try using a lash primer first to boost the thickness of your lashes.
• Try tight lining your eyes (lining your upper waterline) to give the illusion of dark, dense lash roots.


1. Best Mascara for Buildable Volume

Best Volumising Mascaras - GIVENCHY Volume Disturbia Volume & Curve 24 Hour Wear Mascara

Why it adds volume to lashes: Volume Disturbia offers a buildable formula with geometrically shaped pigments to create customisable volume.
Wand: a synthetic wand with a mixture of short and long miro bristles that comb the lashes while adding volume.
Longevity: it didn’t smudge throughout the day and promises up to 24-hour wear.
Special features in addition to being volumising:
• Intense black pigment, for lashes that appear thicker.
• Supergliding texture and buildable finish.
• Vitamin E to protect lashes

What struck me immediately about Volume Disturbia is how much volume it applies at the root of the lash but evenly coats the rest. Each stroke creates a volumised fanned-out effect that can either be kept natural or layered for all-out drama. It miraculously seemed to double the number of lashes and for this reason, it’s my favourite out of the line-up. I’m putting it down to the brush which is unlike any other mascara brush I’ve come across. The bristles grab the lashes and help to separate each lash while evenly coating them. An added bonus is the packaging – it’s studded red metallic finish is oh-so GIVENCHY.

Best Volumising Mascaras - GIVENCHY Volume Disturbia Volume & Curve 24 Hour Wear Mascara

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2. Best Mascara for Long-Lasting Volume

3 Best Volumising Mascaras - Shiseido Controlled Chaos MascaraInk

Why it adds volume to lashes: the wand has two concave sides to boost volume and has a weightless formula that adds volume while still feeling natural.
Wand: it has a bristle wand that features two volume-boosting concave sides and two flat sides for lifting. The memory flex bristles maintain their shape throughout the lifespan of the mascara.
Longevity: it didn’t flake or budge throughout the day and promises up to 24 hour wear time.
Special features in addition to being volumising:
• Precision control and application thanks to its wand.
• Weightless formulation feels comfortable and doesn’t weigh the lashes down.
• A film former helps prevent pigment from smudging and helps to set the lash curl for 24 hours.
• Buildable formula.

An Escentual team favourite, this is the volumising mascara for those who don’t like their lids to feel heavy. Imagine getting that false-lash effect while still feeling like you’re just wearing your regular mascara? That’s what Controlled Chaos does. With its big chunky tube, you’d be right in thinking that the wand is big – and it is! But don’t be put off, it’s easy to apply and just like the name, you feel in control. The volumising effect is natural with the first coat but can be built up for more drama without a clump or a spider lash in sight! Lashes still feel soft and comfortable without compromising on drama.

3 Best Volumising Mascaras - Shiseido Controlled Chaos MascaraInk

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3. Best All-Rounder Volumising Mascara

3 Best Volumising Mascaras - DIOR Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD Mascara

Why it adds volume to lashes: it has a special XXL volume formula.
Wand: a chunky synthetic wand that features a special tube squeezing action and dual-material wiper to load just the right amount of product onto the brush.
Longevity: it’s long-wearing – up to 24 hours. I had no smudging or flaking.
Special features in addition to being volumising:
• Contains conditioning and fortifying ingredients to boost lash strength

Off the bat, I like things that are a little bit different and the squeezing action of this DIOR mascara certainly makes it unique. Before application, you need to squeeze the bottom of the tube to soften the formula and evenly load up the brush – which makes applying this mascara a bit of a novelty! On application, my first thoughts were how black and pigmented it looked. I needed a little longer than usual to work it into my lashes but once I’d done that the results were really impressive – defined lashes with amped-up volume and zero clumps.

3 Best Volumising Mascaras - DIOR Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD Mascara

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