Three Experts On How To Perform A Lymphatic Drainage Facial

Lymphatic drainage facial

Lymphatic drainage may or may not be on your radar, but if you’re up to date with latest trends or magazines you’ve probably come across facial tools like gua sha or jade rollers. With the promise of a facial massage that will sculpt the facial contours, make skin glow and de-puff in minutes, it’s not surprising it’s popular. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is just another beauty gimmick that will come and go; however, there is truth in it and the visible results can be incredible as well as helping to relieve tension and relax your mind at the same time!


What Is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a technique originally used by beauty therapists. A procedure that you may have seen replicated by beauty bloggers and celebrities over social media. It can be performed on the face and body at a spa or as at-home treatment using tools like the jade rollers or your hands.

If we’re not moving around in the day or sleeping, fluid can become trapped in tissue leaving our body and face feeling puffy and bloated due to lack of circulation. Lymphatic drainage provides a series of massage techniques that encourage fluid to your lymph, removing toxins and decongesting the body or face.


What Are The Benefits Of A Lymphatic Drainage?

The benefits associated with lymphatic drainage are endless. First off, the aesthetic benefits are impressive with results like smoother, brighter and clearer skin, and the anti-ageing effect it has on the skin like fine lines and wrinkles reduced, plus depuffed and instantly sculpted contours. Aside from the cosmetic benefits, the action of massaging the face relieves muscle tension, relieving pressure and eliminating toxins in the face in order to relax and soothe. Not to mention, it will ensure your skincare is effectively applied and emphasises the effect of your formula.


Who Can Benefit From Lymphatic drainage?

Anyone, but in particular, lymphatic Clearing techniques can be beneficial if you suffer from breakout-prone skin, oily or congested skin. As well as anyone who is experiencing hormonal fluctuations or chronic stress.


What The Experts Think…

Lymphatic drainage facial: Lucy Maclure Clarins Trainer

“As a trained Therapist for over 14 years, I’m passionate about facial massage and the results that can be achieved in the treatment room and at home. No machine can replace the sensitivity, gentleness, warmth and instinct precision of the hands. This is the reason all Clarins treatments are 100% manual. A key element to any facial massage is light pressure drainage movements that boost circulation and in doing so, aid the lymphatic system in the removal of lactic acid and other toxins, whilst encouraging the skin to absorb the skincare formulations. It’s a powerful combination that will quickly encourage a clearer and brighter complexion.”

Lucy recommends using: Clarins Face Oils (choose one to suit your skin type).


Lymphatic drainage facial: Janine da Costa Dermalogica Training Executive

“Stimulating tissue detoxification via the lymphatic system promotes clearer, brighter skin. The light rhythmical touch can help to calm the sympathetic nervous system whilst boosting the parasympathetic nervous system. Increased activity of lymphocytes-helps to support the immune system and speed up healing. Decongestion of tissues-reduces puffiness and

Janine recommends using: Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil.


Lymphatic drainage facial: Lisa Shackley GIVENCHY Training Manager

“One of my favourite facial techniques to use for a home facial is lymphatic drainage massage, this is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. This massage will help to drain toxins and improve the skin’s texture, brightness & reduce puffiness around the eyes. It will leave your skin glowing. I recommend using an oil-based product for the massage.”

Lisa recommends using: GIVENCHY L’Intemporel Firmness Boosting Oil.


How To Perform A Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage At Home


1. Warm the product in your hands then press gently into the skin
2. Press the palm of the hands-on each side of the face, above the ears and gently move down towards the jaw- repeat 3 times
3. Repeat this movement from centre of the forehead to the temples then down- repeat 3 times
4. For the eye area, start in the inner corner of the eye and smooth out along the orbital bone out to the ears- repeat 3 times
5. Gently pressing along the orbital bone, from the inner corner outwards will also help with any dark circles and puffiness.

(This technique is recommended by GIVENCHY trainer, Lisa Shackley.)


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