A Guide To The Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Range – Review

A Guide To The Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Range - Review

The Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing range is a dermo-cosmetic anti-ageing skincare collection that offers an at-home filling treatment that’s inspired by aesthetic medicine injectables.


The Most Important Thing About This Range Is…

Innovative, expert and packed with replenishing active ingredients and anti-wrinkle complexes, the 932 Biorevitalizing range offers a complete anti-ageing regimen that will recapture your complexion’s youth.

With a day cream, an overnight moisturiser, a tailored eye cream, a plumping lip cream and a unique patented two-step filler treatment available in a variety of grades to suit your skin’s age and condition, you can trust this skincare range to turn back the time on aged skin.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re looking to reduce your wrinkles (even deep-set ones) and smooth and plump your skin, then this range will offer the revitalising and youth-enhancing benefits your mature skin needs.

A Guide To The Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Range - Review

Hero Ingredients:

As with all Fillerina products, the 932 Biorevitalizing demonstrates their dermatological and innovative abilities. At the heart of each formula lies a patented complex made of 39 ingredients, including 20 amino acids, 11 vitamins, 6 trace elements and 2 nucleic acids; these work together to intensely replenish, lift and restore volume and density to sagging skin. It also contains nine varying molecular weights of hyaluronic acids, which deeply penetrate the skin and plumps and hydrates over multiple layers. The skin receives an added boost of vitality thanks to collagens and elastins, which firms the complexion and enhances its resilience and elasticity.


What Skin Type Is It For?

Each product in the Fillerina 932 range is suitable for all skin types experiencing ageing.

A Guide To The Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Range - Review

What Does It Feel Like?

Each cream is nourishing and rich; they comfortably cocoon the skin in moisture and targeted treatment.


What’s Special About The Design?

The 932 Biorevitalizing range is sleek, simple and clinical – it reminds us of the scientific blend within and Fillerina’s aesthetic medicine inspiration.


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