Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment Review

Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Treatment - Review


Target deep-set lines and wrinkles with the Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment, an innovative dermo-cosmetic at-home treatment that’s inspired by aesthetic medicine and injectables.


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

The Fillerina 932 Biorevitalizing Filler Treatment boasts an impressive formula that will provide an intense anti-ageing and filler-like effect on wrinkled and sagging skin. It targets lost volume and deep-set wrinkles with a unique two-step treatment to redensify the complexion from within, expertly hydrating, replenishing and lifting mature skin. Density and elasticity are restored and boosted, leaving the complex smoother, softer and radiant – as well as visibly younger-looking.

It’s available in two different grades, with Grade 4 to reverse deep wrinkles and ageing, and Grade 5 being for even deeper and more advanced visible ageing on the skin.

Plus, it even includes a skin preparatory cleanser and soft-bristled cleansing brush to prep your skin for optimal efficacy of the treatment.


You Will Love This If…

If you want the salon experience at home, then a Fillerina Treatment is for you. The patented non-evasive applicators, the duo of formulas and pre-treatment cleanser provides an aesthetic medicine inspired treatment that rivals the spa experience.


Hero Ingredients:

The Fillerina treatment has a patented Biorevitalizing complex at the heart of the first anti-ageing gel; it’s made of 39 active ingredients, including 20 amino acids, 11 vitamins, 6 trace elements and 2 nucleic acids. These hardworking actives work together to plump and lift the skin, while 9 types of hyaluronic acid targets the skin over multiple layers to hydrate and plump from within, so you can trust even those deep-set lines will be tackled. The complexion’s youth is recaptured thanks to the addition of collagen and elastin – which skin loses the ability to produce as we age – to boost resilience and vitality.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The Fillerina filler treatment is suitable for all ageing skin types.


What Does It Feel Like?

The initial treatment formula has a thick gel texture which is cooling and refreshing, while the Nourishing Film has a soft, creamy texture to lock in moisture. The white deep cleansing brush has soft bristles, while the pre-treatment cleanser is a lightweight gel-cream.


How Do You Use The Product?

Use once a day every day for 14 days, preferably in the evening. Drink one-two glasses of water before application to boost its hydrating and plumping abilities. Prepare the skin by applying the Pre-Fillerina cleanser onto dry skin, dampen the brush and massage it in. Rinse thoroughly and dry skin. Draw up 1-2ml of the clear gel found in bottle 1 and accurately release it directly onto lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, including around the eyes and lips, and leave on for 10 minutes. Pat the gel into the whole face. Follow up with 1ml of the nourishing cream held in bottle 2, and apply in pea-sized amounts to cheeks, forehead, chin and neck, and gently smooth in until completely absorbed.


What’s Special About The Design?

Presented in a pale pink box, we love the presentation of the Fillerina Biorevitalizing Treatment – it’s truly a skincare experience that invites the salon home. The gel and moisturising film are held in glass jars, while the pre-treatment cleanser and soft-bristled deep cleansing brush are held on a tray underneath. The patented non-invasive applicators remind us of injectables and enhance the spa-like feeling of this anti-ageing skincare kit.


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