4 Fool-Proof Beauty Hacks We Use Daily And You Should Too

Beauty hacks that will make your life easier


As a team of beauty lovers, there’s nothing we love more than finding a useful beauty hack that will shave a few mins off our everyday routine. We’re always on the lookout for new tips and tricks that we can add to our repertoire of beauty knowledge, but what use are they if we don’t pass them on? We’ve put our heads together, and put forward our best beauty hacks you can benefit from. Here they are…


1. For Keeping Clothes Foundation-Free



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A post shared by Keavy Escentual (@escentualkeavy)

Keavy has a nifty trick she does before work to ensure her makeup stays smudge-proof and your clothes clean. She covers her face with hair as she pulls her top on to avoid any makeup mishaps on her fresh outfit!


2. For Stopping Lipstick From Smudging When Wearing A Mask



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A post shared by Ceryn Lawless (@escentualceryn)

Ceryn is fed up with having to leave her lipsticks on the sideline; so she found a way to make sure that there is no more smudged lippy when the masks come off! She presses her freshly applied lip to a tissue to get rid of any residue.


3. For Getting The Most Out Of Makeup


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Caitlin loves getting the most out of her makeup and loves testing out new ways of applying her beauty favourites. She loves using her bronzer as eyeshadow in the creases to give her eye definition and shape.


4. For Making Our Fragrances Last Longer



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A post shared by Kate – Escentual (@escentualkate)

Kate applies moisturiser before spritzing her fragrance because she knows that hydrated skin holds scents more effectively so that the fragrance lasts longer on the skin.


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