6 Multipurpose French Pharmacy Products You Need To Know About

Multipurpose French Pharmacy

Whether you’re a little bit lazy with your skincare and want to streamline your everyday routine, or you love nifty products with a few hidden uses, multipurpose skincare is a thing to be celebrated. What could be better than buying a product because you want it to do one thing, then finding out it also does a lot more for your skin past your original expectations?

Since it’s French Pharmacy month (and these iconic brands are a third off!) I wanted to showcase some of my favourite multipurpose products that offer more than one benefit. They’re perfect for those who would rather only have to remember to re-purchase one item rather than a couple, those simply looking to cut down on cupboard space, or for when you’re travelling and want to minimise what you need to take. These multi-use icons are here to streamline your routine and impress you with their numerous uses.


1. The Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Multipurpose French Pharmacy: Mustela Cleansing Oil For Dry Hair

The Mustela Cleansing Oil For Dry Skin is not only a body cleanser, but it also works to moisturise and hydrate the delicate skin of your baby. The rich oil is made with 98% natural ingredients and can be used from birth onwards, making it a must-have for new parents and guardians looking to cleanse and condition their little one’s skin gently. The cleansing oil protects the skin’s natural barrier and preserves the skin’s cellular richness while gently lifting away dirt and impurities, without drying out or stripping anything away. Your little one’s skin is left soft, supple and comfortable, while the oil itself can also be used as a mild shampoo, too. The tear-free formula cocoons your baby in a protective veil of moisture, with a subtle honeyed aroma to lift your senses while you enjoy bath time with your baby.

Another bonus? If you want to create a soothing and nourishing bath, the Mustela oil can also be drizzled into bath water to create a hydrating and effortlessly cleansing bathtub. This silky emulsion will lovingly cleanse, moisturise and nourish your baby’s gentle skin in a matter of moments while giving them a moment of playful pamper in the bath.

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2. The Skin-Saviour Water Spray

Multipurpose French Pharmacy: Uriage Eau Thermale Water Spray

A water spray is the unsung hero of the skincare world; I believe everyone needs one in their collection as it’s the perfect way to effortlessly and intensely hydrate your skin. The Uriage Thermale Water Spray is an ideal choice as it does so much, and is even the most active water spray on the market. It lies at the heart of every Uriage product and is packed with naturally occurring calcium, magnesium salts, copper, zinc, manganese and silicon. These trace elements and mineral salts are similar to skin’s moisturising factors, which means the water spray will never strip anything away but will provide skin with the perfect balance. Plus, with a composition similar to our tears, you can trust it’s incredibly gentle. And its multipurpose uses are endless! It works to soothe inflammatory conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis and brings calming relief to superficial burns, post-surgery treatment, nappy rash and post-shaved skin.

What’s more, the hydrating face mist even sets your makeup in place! I keep one of these on my desk at all times to give my skin a quick hydration boost whenever it needs it, as well as just after the shower to fend off dehydration and lock in moisture. It’s perfect on a sweltering hot day or after exercise to soothe and cool your warm skin, you could even pop it in the fridge for an extra refreshing boost! It’s definitely one you’ll want to keep stocked up on in your bathroom cabinet; as I said, the possibilities are endless.

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3. The All-Purpose Moisturiser

Multipurpose French Pharmacy: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

The Embryolisse Lait-Creme is a firm favourite of mine, and it was before I even discovered how many benefits it packs in one creamy formula! When I first bought it, I bought it intending to use it as a moisturiser solely, but I was pleasantly surprised that it does so much more than that; I’ve since come to love it as a primer, face mask and makeup remover! The soothing blend of shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera and soy work with hyaluronic acid and collagen to plump and hydrate skin to leave it smooth, soft and radiant. It creates an ideal dewy and smooth base which is why it’s so loved in the beauty world as a makeup primer. When you apply a thick layer before bed, it works as a rejuvenating overnight mask. Plus, it has added mineral oil which breaks down oil while locking in moisture to lovingly melt away makeup from the day. It’s a 6 in 1 that everyone needs in their skincare routine! If you can only fit one product in your travel bag, make sure it’s this one.

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4. The Moisturising Makeup Remover

Multipurpose French Pharmacy: Avene 3 in 1 Makeup Remover

Cleanse, moisturise and soothe your complexion in one with the Avene 3 in 1 Makeup Remover – it packs three uses in one (as the name suggests) to lift away makeup, dirt, daily impurities and excess oil while leaving skin feeling deeply nourished. I love how this velvety cream works to soothe skin and fend off irritation thanks to the hearty inclusion of Avene’s iconic thermal spring water, along with hydrating hyaluronic acid, which helps skin hold onto moisture as you treat it to its daily cleanse. We all must cleanse our skin every day, but for those with sensitive skin, this can be a worrying part of each day as some formulas can cause irritation or strip things away, leaving skin more susceptible to discomfort. That’s why I love this makeup remover so much; it’s designed with sensitive skin in mind and offers intense nourishment and hydration while melting away makeup and daily dirt.

Plus, one of the key features of this gentle cream is that it even breaks down waterproof makeup. You don’t need to rub either, making it great for sensitive and delicate skin types who need a dose of hydration while they cleanse.

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5. The Nourishing Shower Foam

Multipurpose French Pharmacy: Eucerin Urea Repair Plus Urea Shower Foam

Taking care of your skin doesn’t just mean applying your favourite products at the beginning and end of each day; it also means caring for it as you wash too. Hot water can be incredibly drying to skin, so for those who struggle with skincare concerns such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, it’s extra essential to find a body wash that moisturises as well as washes. And that’s where the Eucerin Urea Repair Plus Shower Foam comes in; it doesn’t just cleanse skin, but it also locks in moisture without stripping anything away.

The nourishing formula is centred around skin-identical urea, an ingredient that holds onto water to maintain the skin’s barrier function to help fend off dryness before you’ve even stepped out of the shower. An added dose of unique Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) binds water to the epidermal layers. At the same time, glycerin offers a final dose of hydration to keep skin comfortable and moisturised while mild surfactants gently cleanse away the day.

A secret use of the Eucerin Shower Foam that I love is that it also creates a wonderful shaving cream. The fluid texture quickly erupts into a thick and sumptuous foam that smooths over skin with ease, creating the perfect base for your razor to glide over your skin without irritation.

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6. The Strengthening Capsules

Multipurpose French Pharmacy: Klorane Keratin Caps Strength & Vitality Hair and Nails 30 Capsules

If you’re new to taking edible supplements, then these are a great place to start as they target both your hair and your nails to leave them healthier, stronger and fortified. The Klorane Keratin Caps use the power of nature to promote luscious locks and strengthened nails as they contain quinine, keratin, vitamins, zinc and selenium. These work together from the inside out to promote a healthy scalp, hair growth, strengthened nails and also offer antioxidant benefits. The Klorane capsules are an excellent multitasker for the person who doesn’t always find the time to focus on their hair and nails; they’re effortless and don’t require you to spend a lot of time or money using multiple products.

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