Coach Dreams Sunset Eau de Parfum Review

Coach Dreams Sunset Eau de Parfum

Coach fans – it’s time to explore a new Dream! Warm, juicy and irresistibly addictive, Coach Dreams Sunset is the next addition to the Coach Dreams line. The floral-gourmand fragrance for women is a sunkissed version of the original that promises to transport you to tropical, summer sun from the very first spritz.

Read on to find out why this new Coach Dreams flanker is my new summer fragrance.


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Created by expert perfumer Nathalie Lorson, this floral gourmand opens with a fruity, sweetness of pear sorbet and bergamot before revealing a heart of heady sambac jasmine for an added opulence that elevates the scent. Before slowly melting into a warm blend of vanilla and South American tonka bean for a bright, comforting trail that like the sun, lingers on the skin long after you’ve sprayed.

Coach Dreams Sunset Eau de Parfum Review

What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

The luxury American leather goods company continues the original Coach Dream Eau de Parfum’s story into the sunset with this new summery addition. Inspired by long lasting memories created with friends that transition into the warmth of the night, this scent represents the magic and possibilities that are over the horizon.

Summed up perfectly by Coach’s Creative Director, Stuart Vevers: “Coach Dreams Sunset is playful, nostalgic and inspired by the spirit of possibility and adventure.”


You Will Love This If…

If you loved the original floral notes of Coach Dreams but are looking for a softer, more tropical scent for summer, then you’ll love this. The flanker has fewer fresh and sharp citrus notes than the original with a sweeter, elegance. I’ve found that I like to wear Coach dreams in the day, while the Coach Sunset muskier and creamy base lends itself well to wearing at night.

Coach Dream Sunset Review


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

To me, the gourmand sweetness of this scent reminds me of eating an opulent poached, vanilla pear enjoying its smooth softness on a summer evening, drenched in sun.


What’s The Longevity Like?

As expected from an Eau de Parfum, I enjoyed this scent for around four to five hours before it started to fade – perfect for dinner and drinks.

Coach Dream Sunset Review

What’s Special About The Bottle?

Crafted using a pink ombre glass inspired by the setting sun, the bottle is finished with a refined leather ring at the base of the bottleneck, a nod to Coach’s leather craftsmanship since 1941. The eye-catching box twinkles with rose gold glitter and a stargazing illustrated pattern that evokes the magic of dreams. Not to forget, the bottle is capped with a beautiful rose gold flower spray that you press to spritz the scent. (Don’t pull up, I’ve made this mistake!)


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