Clarins Double Serum Eye Review

Clarins Double Serum Eye Review


It’s the moment all Clarins Double Serum fans (including me) have been waiting for: a new addition to the best-selling range! A staggering 36 years after the release of the original face serum, Clarins has unveils Double Serum Eye. Here’s everything you need to know about this highly anticipated launch…


The Most Important Thing About Clarins Double Serum Eye Is…

It’s the eye serum equivalent to the best-selling Double Serum – the anti-ageing serum that sells one every five seconds worldwide. Many of the award-winning ingredients used in the face serum have been borrowed, plus new additions like caffeine and squalene chosen specifically for the eyes, making for an eye formula with major anti-ageing powers. It targets many concerns from fine lines and wrinkles to dark circles and puffiness; there’s not much that’ll top this, plus it promises results in just 7 days.


What Skin Type Is It For?

Clarins Double Serum Eye is for all skin types; everyone can use it, including those who have sensitive skin and those who wear contact lenses.


You Will Love This If…

Double Serum fans, your routine needs this. Whether you’ve used the serum for years or have recently discovered it, the eye serum will deliver all the same incredible anti-ageing benefits directly to your eye area.

Additionally, this is a must-try if you’re not using an eye cream or haven’t found one that you like yet. It’s for all skin types and ages – everyone can use it. If you’re not very patient either you’ll love this; Clarins promises that the eye serum leaves the delicate skin around the eyes nourished, firmer, smoother, depuffed and dark circles reduced in just seven days.


Clarins Double Serum Eye Review

Hero Ingredients:

The two-phase formula is made of 96% natural ingredients and contains 13 plant extracts, many of which are borrowed from the 5-star Double Serum we know and love. Chervil extract, which helps skin regain its strength, is one of the star ingredients, alongside turmeric extract, which boosts skin renewal for smoother, brighter skin, as well as caffeine and squalane to hydrate.

Inside the eye serum, you’ll also find Clarins’ new anti-pollution complex, which not only shields against everyday aggressors like exhaust fumes but it’ll protect against blue-light too, which is a must-have in this day and age.


What Does It Feel Like?

Extremely lightweight and comfortable. The formula is quite runny, but not too watery that it slips and slides everywhere. It’s a two-phase formula, so you’ll see a serum formula and cream formula when you pump it, which you mix with your fingertips.


What Does It Smell Like?

The smell is very light, but there is a slight scent there. It’s a fresh-floral; after a few seconds, the aroma fades.


Clarins Double Serum Eye Review

How Do You Use The Product?

The eye serum should be used morning and night to see best results. Adjust the dial and dispense the desired amount onto your fingers. Mix the dual-phases with your fingertips. Press onto your eyelids, then apply to the under-eye area, from the inner corner to the temples – finally, press between your brows.


What’s Special About The Design?

It looks like a miniature version of the iconic Double Serum, which is loved for its chic design. It’s instantly recognisable, and if you’re like me, it will make you feel quite nostalgic; my mum has used it for years! Through the brown-tinted bottle, you’ll see the two compartments of the dual-phase formula. The two chambers dispense via a dial pump, which you turn to get the perfect amount of product; this is great to minimise wastage and if you’re unsure about how much to use.


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