Clarins Double Serum Eye: The Results

Clarins Double Serum Eye Results

Clarins Double Serum Eye is 2021’s most anticipated skincare launch. After the success of the original Double Serum, we wanted to know if this eye serum could live up to the current bestsellers’ age-preventing reputation.

Just as you’d expect, Double Serum Eye promises to smooth and brighten. But what makes this eye cream extra exciting is its promise of visible results in only 7 days, no matter your age or concern.

Could this be your next skincare hero? Read on to find out…


25 and Under

Main concern: dark circles

Zainab, Supply Chain Planner

At 23, fine lines aren’t really a concern for me but my dark under eyes has always bothered me. After 7 days of continuous use day and night, my under eyes look much brighter, depuffed and so much more awake! Not only that but the skin around my eyes feels more hydrated and smoother so my makeup has been sitting a lot nicer on top.”


Under 30

Main concern: dark circles

Jade, Merchandiser

I believe you can never be too young to start using an eye serum in your daily skincare routine. Clarins are one of my go to brands including the iconic Double Serum so to hear they were launching a Double Serum Eye Concentrate, I could not get my hands on it soon enough. Before, I felt my eyes looked and felt heavy but after using the product for only 7 days, the under eye area seems a lot brighter, dark circles reduced and my skin feels a lot smoother to touch. The product is also very easy to use by adjusting the dial according to the desired amount of product. What I love most about the Double Serum Eye, is the fast results and that the formula has 96% of ingredients from natural origin which boost the production of protein and acts against any signs of ageing. I would highly recommend it to anyone under 30.


Under 40

Main concern: ageing and puffiness

Richard, Merchandising Manager

Late nights call for a superpowered eye cream, and this doesn’t disappoint. As you can see from my pictures, the puffiness has gone down and under eyes look a lot brighter.

Under 50

Main concern: dark circles and puffiness

Maja, Operations Supervisor

“Due to the fact that I struggle with dark circles under my eyes and sometimes puffiness around my eyes, this eye serum was just perfect for me to test.
The eye serum has a gel and a cream consistency that gets absorbed relatively quickly. It’s a  very efficient serum, it’s a combination of the beneficial properties of a non-greasy oil with the lightness of an ultra-comfortable gel, it is a cocktail of the best plant ingredients, mainly organic and fair trade certified, closed in an environmentally friendly double bottle. I like that the bottle is transparent – so you can seehow much product is left. The container also allows you to dispense the product in 2 modes – larger and smaller drops too.

This serum, just like any other skin care product, needs time to be effective on the skin. After 1 week of testing, I can say that this serum is very good, I felt skin moisturized and a significant improvement in the elasticity of the eye area. Extremely light, absorbs quickly. At the same time, it does not irritate eyes, even allergic ones. The serum moisturizes the eye area very well. The product nicely brightened the shadows under the eyes. The effects exceeded my expectations and I can not wait to see results after 1 month of using this serum.”


Over 60

Main concern: fine lines and wrinkles

Pat, Customer Service Supervisor

I love Clarins skincare, and couldn’t wait to try the new Eye Serum. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it smoothed under my eyes and made my skin look fresher and younger in such a short time. I can’t wait to keep trying it to see more improvements.


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