The Story of Clarins Double Serum

Clarins Double Serum History

Clarins Double Serum launched 36 years ago, and for over three decades, the anti-ageing serum has stood alone in the spotlight. We want to honour the history of this iconic skincare product that has seen eight generations in its time. Here are the key moments in its story so far…


1st Generation

Clarins Double Serum 1st Generation 1985

1985 is where the story begins. Clarins Founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins wanted to launch a product that housed all essential skincare ingredients for youthful skin in one formula. Unfortunately, due to some ingredients being water soluble and others oil, this wasn’t possible. Instead, Jacques Courtin-Clarins had the idea to offer customers two bottles to mix. The name of this innovation was called Double Serum, which contained eighteen active ingredients.


2nd Generation

The second-generation Clarins Double Serum remained in two bottles but gained a new formula that acted on the skin’s five vital functions (regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration, and protection).



3rd Generation

As the world became privy to the damage pollution has on the skin, Clarins added vegetal and marine extracts to Double Serum for anti-pollution protection. 


4th Generation

Clarins Double Serum 4th Generation 1996

In 1996, two became one. Clarins waved farewell to two bottles and launched a single Double Serum bottle. This launch not only saw a new formula and texture, but it solved a big problem, the dosage. Customers had found it difficult until now to get the correct amount from the two bottles. For this generation, Clarins unveiled a single bottle with two chambers and one pump. 


5th Generation

Clarins Double Serum 5th Generation 2002

Always innovating, in 2002 Clarins enhanced their already best-selling serum by giving it a boosting action. The formula now stimulated the skin’s five vital functions, plus stimulated the skin’s energy.


6th Generation

Clarins Double Serum 6th Generation 2007

The sixth-generation Double Serum also stimulated the skin’s vital functions, but it also considered the skin’s fragile nature and offered extra energy.



7th Generation

Clarins Double Serum 7th Generation 2012

The seventh-generation Double Serum saw a complete makeover. The bottle has a modern face-lift, which looks very similar to the one we know today, and the formula was completely updated. Of the 20 actives in the serum, the only ingredient it used from its predecessors was maritime pine bark extract; all others were new additions.


8th Generation
Clarins Double Serum 8th Generation 2019

The Double Serum we use today has the 2017 formula and bottle. It has the same 20 potent botanicals as the seventh generation, with the addition of turmeric, an antioxidant that protects skin from oxidative stress, improves cell communication and radiance. Clarins also improved the packaging; they added an adjustable dial that allows for customisable dosage.


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