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Why Ceryn Is Our Home Fragrance Expert

As the Communications and Campaigns Editor, Ceryn gets to try out some of the most exciting home fragrance launches. She’s been an expert on all-things-fragrance ever since she joined us at Escentual nearly seven years ago.  One of Ceryn’s biggest achievements is buying and renovating her home at just 23 – and you can guarantee that her home is filled with all the best scents she can get her hands on…


Ceryn’s Top Gifting Tip

“The way to find the perfect home gift is to think about the areas that people spend the most time. If the person you’re buying for has a lot of relaxing baths, they may want a relaxation candle or if they are just a homebody and always hosting, maybe a diffuser would be great in the hallway. Just have a little think about the person you’re buying for – where they spend the most amount of time and also the scents they like – and that will help guide you then to buying the best home fragrance gift.”


Ceryn’s Top Home Fragrance Picks

Her favourite picks for this Christmas are all here. But after getting some one-on-one time to catch up with Ceryn, we found out her key favourites…


1. Boujee Bougies Cuir Culture Candle

Ceryn’s Pick: Boujee Bougies Cuir Culture Candle

Bought to you by the captivating team at Boujee Bougies – which includes our very own fragrance expert, Thomas – Cuir Culture is a celebration of the bold beauty of queerness. The candle transforms your living space with its utterly compelling scent; it’s raw leather, dusty vintage books and warm, teasing spice.

If you want a candle that will make your guests stop and ask, ‘what is that scent and where can I get it?’, this is it.


2. Acqua di Parma Notte di Stelle Reed Diffuser

Ceryn’s Pick: Acqua di Parma x Emilio Pucci Notte di Stelle Reed Diffuser

Warm, cosy and subtly spiced, Notte di Stelle is the scent of the festive season. A must-have for that home fragrance lover in your life who loved to add a touch of luxury to their mantelpiece, the Notte di Stelle diffuser smells of fresh berries, spicy cloves and rich balsamic woods; its uplifting burnt-wood scent is just what you need on winter nights cosied up by the fire. And just look at that bold, vibrant design by Italian designer, Emilio Pucci!

See more of Ceryn’s picks!  Or ask our experts for advice on Twitter or Instagram using #LoveEscentual!


Ceryn on Christmas

What Excites Ceryn About Christmas?

“Everyone seems in better spirits around Christmas time. I love buying gifts but I can’t keep surprises, and I also love all the food, so any excuse to drink wine and eat cheese – I’m there for it.”


Ceryn’s Favourite Christmas Tradition Is…

“My favourite Christmas tradition – I have a lot, but one of my favourites is my boyfriend and I always buy each other new Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Eve. We give each other the first gift on Christmas Eve, get changed into our Christmas pyjamas, and cook a camembert in the oven, have bread, have wine, and watch a Christmas film – and I just think that’s ultimate Christmas in my mind.”


The Most Thoughtful Gift Ceryn Ever Received Was…

“So, the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received is a trip that I have never been on, which is hilarious isn’t it, really? For my last birthday, my boyfriend bought me a trip to Norway and we didn’t get to go on it because of Covid, so we’re actually going next month.”


Who Is Ceryn Treating This Christmas?

“This year, I’m most looking forward to treating my best friend, Katryn. She recently – well, it feels recently but it was actually a year ago – moved into her first home, but this is actually going to be her first proper Christmas in her first home. So I think, she’s been through a lot the last year, and obviously being in her first home, I just really want to make it special for her.”


Pick Their Perfect Present From Us…

“As I mentioned, it is my best friend’s first Christmas in her first home, so I’ve gone for something fitting and I’ve gone for the ‘Acqua di Parma Notte di Stelle’ (bit of a mouthful) diffuser. The reason I’ve gone for this Acqua di Parma diffuser is because Acqua di Parma diffusers are very iconic; they smell so strong and they look beautiful.”

“The scent of this one is very festive; it’s burning woods, pine trees and spicy accents. I think if someone wants to make a statement, this is the perfect fragrance to choose and I know my best friend will love it. And as well, everyone going into her home at Christmas time is also going to appreciate the gift.”


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