Our October Beauty Favourites

October has definitely been a month of extravagant launches. From the well-awaited Christmas makeup collections to the influx of gift sets that have been steadily arriving on site, it’s safe to say, this month it was easy picking out a few, firm favourites.

Comprising of some limited editions and a groundbreaking skincare serum that’s bound to be on your radar, we’ve been bursting to share this lust list with you. Scroll down below to find your new October favourite…


1. The Honey’d Perfume

GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole Eau de Toilette Spray

Name: Darcey
Product Pick: GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole Eau de Toilette

I knew this Guerlain perfume was for me from the very spritz! Inspired by what nature has to offer, the EDT perfectly balances cool nuances with sweet honey and opulent flowers for an icy-floral fragrance. A scent journey like no other, Nettare Di Sole provides an extreme sun-kissed freshness, which I’ve never experienced before from a fragrance.

A celebration of all things honey; the Eau de Toilette is housed within a luxurious weighted glass bottle adorned with the iconic golden honeycomb collar and GUERLAIN bee emblem. But I must warn you, once you own one Aqua Allegoria fragrance you’re going to want to collect them all; I’m already eyeing up Pamplelune now.

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2. The Golden Highlighter



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Name: Chelsey

Product Pick: GIVENCHY Prisme Libre Highlighter in 10 Organza Or Christmas Edition

This highlighter has been the one makeup product I can’t be without this month. Yes, the packaging is fancy and makes your eyes light up. But, the real winner is its rose gold sheen that leaves a dewy not glittery look to the skin. When the sun hits this glow, it reveals a champagne tinted highlight that blends beautifully into all skin tones, thanks to the golden combination of four lustrous shades. I wear it on my cheeks, eyes, nose and lips – I can’t get enough, and a little bit goes a long way, so limited edition fans don’t panic! You can covert it for longer than you think.

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3. The Relaxing Soak

Tisserand Aromatherapy Lavender & Neroli Soothing Bath Soak

Name: Richard
Product Pick: Tisserand Aromatherapy Lavender & Neroli Soothing Bath Soak

I love a good bath. I’m already a big fan of Tisserand’s catalogue of bath salts so was very intrigued to try the Tisserand Aromatherapy Lavender & Neroli Soothing Bath Soak.
I tried this out for my Sunday bath ritual and was impressed by the results. I prepped my bath pouring the liquid in from the start, swishing around the water for the light foam. Ideally I would have liked more foam but it’s a soak and not a bubble bath so I knew going in not to expect a mountain of bubbles. The scents filled the room straight away and you can smell the quality as the scents filled the air. I’m not normally a big Lavender fan, but the Neroli, Peppermint and Geranium combined to create a very relaxing bath experience. I was impressed at how long the scents lasted, staying for the entire soak.
Coupled with my book I was incredibly relaxed, will definitely be using these going forward.

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4. The Multi-Tasking Serum

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Skin Refining Serum 30ml

Name: Jade
Product Pick: Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Skin Refining Serum

I have known about this new Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler product for a long time and was so eager to launch this serum on Escentual as it has such an amazing multi-functional product. A lot of expertise and time has been put into creating this formula which has three active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid. These actives will target and reduce any fine lines and will leave the skin feeling youthful and glowy. The non-greasy serum will also refine any large pores which makes it ideal for oily skin. However, this product can be used on all skin types which makes it the perfect all-rounder serum.

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5. The Wellbeing Scent

Initio Oud for Happiness Eau de Parfum Spray

Name: Eleni
Product Pick: Initio Oud for Happiness Eau de Parfum

An amazing new Launch for this season is Oud for Happiness. It’s a seductive fragrance that is bright and uplifting while maintaining a spiced and warm base.

Every time I wear  it, I feel like my stress level drops, it creates an internal euphoria that is hard to resist and it’s so addictive – I adore to wear it all day long.

To add, the design of the bottle takes the experience to a different level. It reminds me of ancient luxury!

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6. The Glow-Giving Toner

Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution

Name: Louisha
Product Pick: Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution

Simplicity is key in terms of my skincare routine. The less products I need to use each night the better, meaning I’m more likely to commit and follow through with my routine. That’s why I love The Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution by Philosophy! It’s a liquid exfoliator that can easily be integrated into any skincare routine. You simply sweep the product over your face with a cotton pad and that’s it! My skin felt instantly refreshed and SO soft afterwards, a lovely treatment to help brighten your complexion throughout the week!

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7. The Bold Fragrance

Atkinsons Mint & Tonic Eau de Parfum

Name: Kate
Product Pick: Atkinsons Mint & Tonic Eau de Parfum

Whenever we launch a new fragrance brand at Escentual, I must admit that I get a little bit too excited. But as thrilling as it may be, it also creates a problem – and that’s trying to pick your favourite fragrance! And when it comes to Atkinsons, it’s a very big problem indeed.

Atkinsons have so many perfumes, and some of them are like nothing I’ve ever tried before. So, as you can imagine, it’s hard to pick a no. 1 favourite, but I’ve ultimately settled on Mint & Tonic. Why? Because it’s just like a G&T-mojito hybrid (how is that not already a thing?)

Mint & Tonic is fresh, bright and uplifting, but also green, earthy and aromatic. To me, Atkinsons’ unisex niche fragrance is a true celebration of mint, a refreshing, cool green note that comes alive as it’s thrown over a zesty blend of citruses before the fragrance warms through and softens on your skin. It’s a playful, universally-appealing scent that I’d love wearing on warm summer evenings, or cooler autumn days when I want a reminder of summer.

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8. The Stunning Spray

Nuxe Reve de Miel Delectable Fragrant Water Spray

Name: Ceryn
Product Pick: Nuxe Reve de Miel Delectable Fragrant Water Spray

I’ve been waiting for Nuxe to launch the Reve de Miel scent as a fragrance in what feels like forever. I’ve adored the range for years and have always been obsessed with its delicious, cosy honey aroma. I didn’t wait around when this was released, and I have been spritzing it every day since I got it home. I wear it on myself and also spray it around the house. Its scent is so comforting and warm.

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