L’Occitane The Petit Remedy Review

Review of L'Occitane The Petit Remedy

Attention all L’Occitane skincare fans! Have you ever dreamed of combining all your favourite ingredients in one magical elixir? Me too! Well, L’Occitane have granted our wishes and created the L’Occitane The Petit Remedy. Read on to find out all about it…


The Most Important Thing About This L’Occitane Petit Remedy Is…

The versatility! A Beauty Bible Awards winner for 2021, the unique oil-in-balm formula is a must-try for any multipurpose skincare lovers. There are over 50 – yes I said 5.0 – different ways to use your Petit Remedy balm.

You can nourish, protect and soothe dry and delicate skin thanks to its unique combination of high-quality ingredients, including: shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, immortelle and lavender oil.


What Skin Type Is It For?

L’Occitane’s Petit Remedy is suitable for all skin types; however, dry and dehydrated skin will especially benefit from its nourishing and protective formula.


You Will Love This If…

If you love getting good value for money from your skincare, you’ll enjoy the many uses this balm has to offer; it targets everything from dry cuticles to split ends. Alternatively, if you’re a bit of a jetsetter, the small and lightweight design will be perfect for any adventure you find yourself on – whether you’re hiking up a mountain or enjoying a lazy beach day.


Hero Ingredients:

Crafted using a combination of all of L’Occitane’s best ingredients, the 100% natural formula contains a blend of almond oil, olive oil and fair-trade shea butter to help nourish and protect dry, chapped skin. Added immortelle flower enriches the balm with its antioxidant properties to fight the visible signs of ageing and defend your complexion against external aggressors. And last but not least, The Petit Remedy contains L’Occitane’s most iconic and delightful aromatic ingredient: lavender.


What Does It Feel Like?

On contact with the warmth of your skin, the semi-solid balm transforms into a silky oil that quickly sinks into the skin and gets to work in a matter of seconds.


What Does It Smell Like?

Soothing, comforting and relaxing, The Petit Remedy is infused with an aromatic scent that reflects the gentle nature of the balm.


How Do You Use The Product?

The L’Occitane Petit Remedy has so many functions, but here’s a few:
Nail shiner: use over nail polish or on bare nails to make them look more shiny.
Cuticle moisturiser: rub into the cuticles to nourish them and redefine the contour of your nails.
Lip balm: smooth onto the lips to leave them feeling moisturised and looking fuller.
Highlighter: dab onto the cheekbones to give your cheeks a glow.
Massage balm: use as a massage balm on the arms and legs, especially after exercise, to help the body recover.
Split ends: a dab of The Petit Remedy will help to nourish your ends and smooth them out.
Hair mask: apply to your locks for an excellent overnight hair mask.


What’s Special About The Design?

In true L’Occitane style, the little tin is wrapped in a bright yellow, which oozes positivity and goodness. Small and portable, the pot can easily slip into any bag or pocket for SOS skin, nail or hair emergencies.


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