Amouage Interlude Black Iris Man Eau de Parfum Review

Review of Amouage Interlude Black Iris Man Eau de Parfum

Fans of Amouage Interlude Man, listen up – there’s a powerful flanker in Amouage’s fragrance line that’s sure to get your pulse racing: Amouage Interlude Black Iris Man Eau de Parfum. Smooth and sophisticated but with an undeniable sensual power, Interlude Black Iris is inspired by the much-adored Interlude Man scent, but offers a stronger presence of wood and flaunts the incredible new addition of pure orris absolute. Read on to find out about the magnificent leathery, woody and spicy nuances that set Interlude Black Iris alight…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Created by Pierre Negrin, Interlude Black Iris Man starts with a zesty burst of bergamot, which is balanced by herbaceous rosemary and green violet leaves. Amber, frankincense and myrrh create layers of aromatic warmth throughout the heart, which is smoothed by creamy vanilla and orris absolute, a rare floral scent that’s surprisingly sweet amongst the fragrance’s undeniable warmth. The power of Interlude Black Iris Man stems from its rich base; powered by the likes of sandalwood and agarwood smoke, its opulent, leathery and woody tones are wrapped up in a lingering smokiness that captivates the senses.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Amouage’s innovative combination of delicate florals and intense rich scents is inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s 1926 painting entitled, ‘Black Iris’. The artwork was intended to ‘make even busy New Yorkers take time to see what I see of flowers’ and expose the intricate delicacies of nature, which is honoured throughout the Interlude Black Iris fragrance.


You Will Love This If…

If you love bold, intensely rich scents, you’ll love Interlude Black Iris Man’s incredible combination of wood, leather and smoke with a unique floral twist.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

Interestingly, although oud doesn’t feature in Interlude Black Iris, its oriental warmth can be compared to Atkinsons Oud Save The King Eau de Parfum. Of course, Black Iris shares similarities to its predecessor, Interlude Man, but builds on this fragrance by smoothing the original creation by adding creamy new notes, like vanilla.


Is Interlude Black Iris Man Unisex?

Packed full of traditionally masculine aromas, the dominance of wood and leather means that Interlude Black Iris is targeted towards a male wearer. Here at Escentual, we believe that anyone can enjoy any fragrance – and if you’re looking for a powerfully sexy scent, you’ll love Black Iris.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Amouage Interlude Black Iris Man Eau de Parfum is packed full of powerful notes, with its leather, wood and array of warm resinous facets remaining strong on the skin to offer many hours of intense fragrance.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

From the outside in, Interlude Black Iris Man is opulent in a cool and sophisticated way, full of subtle details that any niche fragrance fan will adore. The matte indigo blue box is adorned with a reflective abstract design, while the box smoothly parts to reveal a bed of velvet that displays the flacon. The inky blue glass bottle is understated yet features strong details like the gunmetal touches, which making a powerful statement. The magnetised stopper clicks back into place with a satisfying metal clink – but its blue Swarovski crystal is the real star of the show here.


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