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Did you know Escentual is a family-run business? Well, this is your opportunity to be part of the family, too!

We’re looking for content creators, journalists, and industry experts to work with on our campaigns. Whether you inspire people on Instagram, cover exciting topics in magazines or you’re an expert looking to share your passion, we’d love to hear from you.


1. Who We’re Looking For

Escentual PR List

✓ You love beauty.
✓ You’re a fan of Escentual.
✓ You have an audience; this can be your own or a platform you work for.
✓ You create regular, quality content that educates and inspires.
✓ You want to be in the know about Escentual, including our upcoming campaigns, launches, and opportunities.

Learn more about Escentual and whether we’re right fit for you, too, here.

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2. Why You Should Join

Escentual PR List

✓ Become part of Escentual’s growing family.
✓ Find out about exclusive launches, new products and promotions before anyone else.
✓ Receive free products.
✓ Collaborate with us on exciting campaigns.
✓ Chance to feature on Escentual’s digital channels.
✓ Opportunity to get free products for competitions.
✓ Join our affiliate program and earn commission.
✓ Regular insights on trends for your content.


3. What People Are Saying

Escentual PR List

Don’t just take it from us. Here are what some of our favourite influencers, journalists and experts think about working with Escentual…


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