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Collagen Money-Back Guarantee


Trust issues? Escentual Promise is here to reassure you that your beauty dreams can come true with collagen.

We know how hard it can be to believe in skincare miracles. But, we trust the results from collagen and the expert brands included in our Escentual Promise category. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with what you see and feel, that we will give you your money back if you don’t see impactful results for your skin, hair and nails within the recommended timeframe of using the product consistently. Want to know more? Scroll down essential information or read our terms and conditions for more detail on the process.


What’s Included?

We’ve handpicked a selection of marine and bovine collagen options for every lifestyle. The full list of products covered by our money-back guarantee are:


About Vida Glow

Vida Glow is an award-winning marine collagen brand, specialising in 100% marine collagen in a powder format with a 90% absorption rate, Vida Glow is perfect for everyone looking to glow from the inside out. Its type 1 collagen contents strengthen skin, hair and nails within 8 weeks.

Escentual Promise is available on: Vida Glow Daily Essential Natural Marine Collagen Sachets 90 x 3g Original

Collagen Money-Back Guarantee: Vida Glow Marine Collagen Original


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About Proto-col

Proto-col have been experts in collagen since 2003. Proto-col offer bovine collagen solutions with type 1 (most abundant collagen found in skin, tendons and ligaments) and type 2 collagen (most abundant collagen found in cartilage) to improve your overall skin, hair. nails and mobility – if you’re super active, Proto-col is your collagen match.

Escentual Promise is available on: 


Collagen Money-Back Guarantee: Proto-col Complete Collagen


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