Trend & Tested: Concealer Contouring Tik Tok Hack

Trend and Tested Concealer Contouring

New contouring trends are appearing everywhere on social media, from one dot contouring to the newest craze, reverse concealer contouring. The Trend & Tested series has introduced me to plenty of beauty hacks – some have stayed part of my routine and others have been a fun one just to try out. Concealer contouring is so easy to try as most of us already own a concealer. The reverse contour hack aims to highlight the high points of your face instead of using a darker contour to define instead of using dark contour to sculpt. Intrigued and excited, I grabbed my concealer and called on some Escentual beauty team members to help put concealer contouring trend to the test…

What is Concealer Contouring?

Concealer contouring is all about emphasising the high points of your face, brightening in a similar way to a highlighter, but is much more subtle. The concealer is applied under the eyes and then underneath the cheek bones, along the nose, down the centre of lip and chin; anywhere you would apply a darker shade of contour. You can use the reverse concealer contouring alongside darker contouring for a full-glam look, or alone for a more natural and subtle contoured look.

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How Do You Try It?

You can try it using any concealer; though one a tiny bit lighter than your skin is ideal, sweep the concealer under your eyes, down the side of your nose, top of the lip and under your cheekbones.
Don’t worry – it will look like a child has painted your face. The best way to do it is by following the natural lines to make an upside-down five shape! You can customise where you place the concealer if you want more emphasis on certain features but for a fully contoured look, follow the ‘five face method’. The cream contour is easy to blend and perfect for any skin type. I’d recommend for anyone with oily skin to set with a powder and for those with dry skin can go without.


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We Tested Concealer Contouring

Are you as intrigued by concealer contouring as me? Keep reading to see how the Escentual Beauty Team got on…


Trend and Tested Concealer Contouring

What was your experience trying this trend?

“I always enjoy testing new makeup trends; it’s fun to experiment. That said, the ‘natural concealer contouring’ hack was anything but natural, in my opinion. It involves using a lot of product that not everyone will need. It also took me a while to get my head around where to put the concealer; it looks easy but takes some concentration.”

Concealer Contouring Trend and Tested

Will you be trying the concealer contouring trend again?

“The result is lifting, but day-to-day, I can’t see myself wearing this much makeup or wanting to use this much concealer – it’ll cost me a fortune!”


Trend and Tested Concealer Contouring How To

What was your experience trying this trend?

“I love trying the latest makeup trends because I always love to see if there’s a better way of applying my makeup. I have to say I did notice a lift in my face after trying this, but it used a lot of product so would recommend it for someone who doesn’t mind a heavy makeup look.”

Reverse Concealer Contouring Trend Tested

Will you be trying the concealer contouring trend again?

“I wouldn’t totally rule it out, as I liked the end result but I found it a little too much concealer for every day. Next time I try it, I’ll miss out on the lines going under the cheekbones.”


Trend and Tested Concealer Cream Contouring

What was your experience trying this trend?

When I first saw the trend, I knew I would be putting my own twist on it. I don’t often wear heavy makeup so I wanted to find a way to still follow the concealer shape without overloading my skin. I did this by applying the concealer using my finger, dabbing less product over my face than the concealer’s applicator would apply. Using this method, I loved the look! I felt it made my lips look full and helped slim down my nose.

Trend and Tested Concealer Cream Contouring

Will you be trying the concealer contouring trend again?

Definitely! However, the under cheekbone aspect didn’t have much contouring effect on my round face shape, so I’ll be sticking to bronzer in my cheek hollows instead.


Over To You!


We’d love to hear what you think about concealer contouring! Will you be swiping your concealer to the high points of your face to test out this trend? Let us know on our Instagram @Escentual.


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