GIVENCHY Skin Perfecto Range Review

GIVENCHY Skin Perfecto Range Review


We all know that eating vitamins is good for you, but what about in skincare? The GIVENCHY Skin Perfecto range contains powerful vitamins designed to improve the health of your skin by smoothing the texture, providing long-lasting hydration and protecting against the effects of pollution and reducing the appearance of ageing – all whilst adding an instant luminous glow to your skin. I’ve fallen in love with the lightweight textures and the non-greasy, healthy-looking glow the range gives. Plus, the pink colours look beautiful lined up in your bathroom! Keep reading to find out about more…


The Most Important Thing About The Skin Perfecto Range Is…

The pink and white packaging looks luxurious and beautiful (very Givenchy) and is packed full of skin-caring ingredients that are over 94% natural. Each texture is silky smooth, and a treat to apply, nourishing and hydrating, plus has a gentle citrus-floral scent. The patented Vitamin Blend Complex energises the skin. It works on long-term skin health, with each product leaving an instant dewy finish that layers flawlessly with each other and is perfect under makeup.

The Skin Perfecto Skin-Glow Priming Lotion is a liquid exfoliator that doesn’t dry out the skin, instead it’s the first step towards a healthy glowing complexion thanks to the vitamin C and skin-resurfacing AHA combination.

For a concentrated shot of vitamins to the skin, the Vitamin Blend Glow Serum tackles the signs of ageing and damage from living an urban lifestyle. The hylauronic acid infused formula makes the skin plump and luminous.

The Radiance Reviver Emulsion has a striking pink-tinged pearlescent finish that instantly makes your face look awake and radiant as it melts effortlessly into your skin. Squalene provides long-lasting hydration and soothes redness.

The stunning marbled design of the Compact Day Cream brightens dull skin and adds a layer of SPF15 protection. Overtime, wrinkles are reduced whilst you enjoy the instant luminous rosy glow the cream gives.

GIVENCHY Skin Perfecto Compact Day Cream Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

All skin types will benefit from the vitamin-infused Skin Perfecto range. It targets dullness, early signs of ageing and pollution-stressed skin to re-energise your complexion for a healthy glow.


You Will Love This If…

If you want a spa-like, luxurious skincare routine that cares for the health of your skin, the GIVENCHY Skin Perfecto range is for you. Those who enjoy a glowy finish will love the instant boost of radiance each product gives you, safe in knowing that your skin is protected and improving every day to be healthier and less tired-looking. The vitamins are especially important for those who live in the city, as each step helps repair the damage of pollution and works to protect your skin everyday. The range is also beautiful with the creamy-white and pale pink tones, making it a beautiful bathroom accessory and an effective glowy skincare range.


Hero Ingredients:

The range includes smoothing pomelo to refine your skin’s texture over time, whilst wild pink pepper has an energising effect. Antioxidant vitamin C also helps with skin texture, smoothing fine lines. The Vitamin Blend Glow Serum harnesses the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid to keep skin quenched for 24 hours, and the Compact has SPF15.

GIVENCHY Skin Perfecto Range Review

What Does It Feel Like?

As a liquid exfoliator, the Skin-Glow Priming Lotion has a water texture that doesn’t dry out your skin.

The Vitamin Blend Glow Serum has a thin gel texture that feels like a cooling cream.

The Skin Perfecto Radiance Reviver Emulsion has a pearlescent lightweight fluid texture, leaving a pink-toned sheen on the skin.

Finally, the Compact Cream has a balmy consistency that melts into your skin as you apply.


What Does It Smell Like?

The range has a subtle citrus-floral scent.


How Do You Use The Product?

Step 1: Apply the Priming Lotion to a cotton pad (or reusable pad) and sweep over your cleansed skin, avoiding your eyes to exfoliate the skin.
Step 2: Use upwards motions to apply one or two pumps of the Glow Serum and Reviver Emulsion – we love using the Glow Serum and night and the Emulsion during the day for a lit-from-within glow.
Step 3: The Compact Cream can be smoothed over the skin using the included sponge, then pressed till it absorbs using your fingers. The silky texture can be worn alone or on top of your daily moisturiser.


What’s Special About The Design?

Each product feels luxurious – the lotion, serum and reviver have heavy pale pink and white pump bottles. The Compact Cream has a marbled pink and white design that looks like art.



94% or higher natural ingredients have been used.


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