Escentual Loves: Our Team, Issey Miyake and Cool Collaborations

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We love keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty news, and we know you do too! We’re always looking out for new and exciting trends and stories that we think you’ll find interesting to add to our monthly Escentual Loves round-up. For the month of August, we have lots to share, from opening our #SunPoverty TikTok shop to cool brand collaborations we’ve spotted online, such as GIVENCHY X Disney; there is lots to learn about in this month’s Escentual Loves


Escentual News



Escentual Graduates


You’ll know by now that we love any chance to celebrate our own team at Escentual! In August, we saw the Escentual team’s hard work at university pay off, with five of them graduating with all their ceremonies being postponed due to COVID.


A Promotion


Image of Ivan Stoev for promotion in escentual loves

Team member Ivan has recently been promoted to Software Developer. Ivan started his Escentual career in the warehouse and later joined the Development Team as a Junior Software Developer. Through hard work and his experience in the warehouse, Ivan has been able to develop his skills, and this promotion recognises his progression in Escentual.


Our TikTok Shop Is Open!


Our TikTok shop is open for business; our first product added is our #SunPoverty Sunscreen 50+, which, when bought, means that we’ll donate one to a child in need in your local area. Make sure you follow us to browse our TikTok to keep up with the latest lives, trends, hacks, and behind-the-scenes content at Escentual HQ.


The #HowDoYouClipIt Challenge


@escentual Where have you clipped your #SunPoverty Escentual SPF50? Show us with #HowDoYouClipIt ☀️ #sunsafetytips #sunsafetyfirst #sunsafetyforlife #sunsafety #escentual ♬ Stories – Lux-Inspira

Join our #SunPovetry social challenge #HowDoYouClipIt using our SPF50+ on TikTok and Instagram. Show us the best places you would clip your Escentual sunscreen, the funnier and more unusual, the better!


Issey Miyake Tribute



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Issey Miyake is considered Fashion’s greatest humanist and is celebrated all over the world for his perfume and fashion. Many of Issey Miyake’s inspirations were taken from Japanese clothing and technology, which is what makes his creations truly unique. As a stockist of Issey Miyake fragrances and lover of his fashion, we want to take a moment to acknowledge and hail his incredible legacy.


Cool Collaborations





Disney and GIVENCHY fans will fall in love with the GIVENCHY X Disney limited-edition collection. A collector’s dream capsule collection, every piece is decorated with a 101 Dalmations pattern or character, complete with signature GIVENCHY’s logo. GIVENCHY has a long-standing relationship with Disney and it’s their second collaboration together, so we weren’t surprised when we heard about their latest collaboration with Disney on 101 Dalmatians. We can’t wait to see what they do next!


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Gucci X Adidas


High fashion meets street style with the collaboration of Gucci and Adidas. Designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michelle, the two iconic brands merge their signature logos together to make a new insignia for this collaboration. The brands celebrate both of their heritages with the use of Adidas classic sports lines and Gucci’s signature pattern throughout the range.


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Charitable Initiatives





Our recent heatwave reminded us yet again how important our ongoing #SunPoverty initiative is with so many children unable to gain access to suncream. Last year we donated 20,000 sun creams to food banks and schools. By 2025, we aim for every school in the UK to have sunscreen with all their students being educated on sun safety.


Help Escentual End #SunPoverty


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