KENZO FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue Eau de Parfum Review

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KENZO are renowned for their signature floral scents, so I know that a lot of you will be excited to hear that KENZO FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue has burst onto the scene for 2022. It’s FLOWER BY KENZO, but not as you’d expect it. It takes the pretty floral tone of the original and adds a generous dash of spice. And I have to admit, I’m obsessed.

If you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of spice, FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue will gently guide you in as it carefully blends comforting floral tones with warming spicy tones. Read on to find out more with my full FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue review.

Why The Team Wanted To Try It


This Fragrance Smells Like…

As soon as you spritz FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue, you get an instant rush of warmth and spice as a rich, precious saffron note meets your skin. The saffron here is spicy without being overpowering. To me, KENZO’s saffron smells ‘golden’, if gold were to have a scent.

As the saffron used doesn’t overload your senses, it allows the rose and orange blossom in the heart to really shine through. The rose is slightly jammy and creates a sweet feeling, which is intensified by the orange blossom’s creamy white floral aroma. The base of vanilla adds a layer of cosy warmth, a delicious hint of sweetness and a rich depth all at once; this is balanced out by the softness of white musks.

KENZO FLOWER BY KENZO L'Absolue Eau de Parfum Fragrance Review

What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Created by master perfumer, Alberto Morillas, FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue inspires a sense of joy in the wearer. Masami Charlotte Lavault is the scent’s muse; Masami is a poetic activist and founder of the first flower farm in Paris. Her life’s work as a flower farmer aims to “make ecology irresistible!”

What The Team Thought After 30 Days Of Using It


You Will Love This If…

KENZO’s enchanting scent is perfect for floral lovers looking for a spicy twist. L’Absolue’s white musks keep a hint of freshness amongst the warmth of the spice, making it a beginner-friendly spicy scent. Of course, it’s still sure to please those who have already fallen for spicy-floral combinations, though!

KENZO FLOWER BY KENZO L'Absolue Eau de Parfum Review

This Perfume Smells Similar To:

L’Absolue differs from the powdery floral tone of the original FLOWER BY KENZO. L’Absolue maintains that signature floral-vanilla vibe to honour the rest of the FLOWER BY KENZO collection, but infuses it with precious spices.

Not tried the original but still want a reference point? To me, FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue has an autumnal feel to it; it’s warm and inviting, and has a sensual undertone. The scent makes me think of sunny days before they slip into cool autumn evenings; the spice energises you during the day and keeps you warm at night.



Although anyone can enjoy any scent, the floral tone of FLOWER BY KENZO L’Absolue has a typically feminine feel.


What’s The Longevity Like?

L’Absolue by KENZO has a really good projection from the get-go. It settles to sit close to your skin for around six hours of wear.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

The classic curved KENZO bottle is now filled with a deep pink fragrance juice. The singular poppy design is striking and instantly recognisable as part of the FLOWER BY KENZO range.



Ther outer carton is recyclable.


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