Wishlist-Worthy Hair Perfumes

Wishlist Worthy Hair Perfumes

The desire for scented hair mists isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And frankly, I’m glad – they take your fragrance and your hair care routine to the next level.

If you’re a huge perfume fanatic, like me, then you’re seriously missing out if you don’t have a hair mist in your collection. But luckily for you, I’m here to help you solve that problem. I’ve scoured our website to pick out a few of the very best luxury hair mists we stock, so you can see for yourself why I’m such a huge advocate for hair perfumes. Showcasing everything from stunning white florals to joyous niche scents, this is my official list of the best three wish-list-worthy hair perfumes that true fragrance fans are going to want to get their hands on..

But before we jump straight in, it’s worth clarifying when to opt for a hair mist over a fragrance…


When To Use A Hair Mist

You may be wondering what a hair mist can add to your routine, when you could just use a fragrance instead. To start with, hair mists have a reduced alcohol content, so they can safely be spritzed throughout your hair, unlike your average perfume. Moreover, hair mists have been specially created to leave behind a more delicate layer of scent that sits close to your nose for you to enjoy – plus it leaves a trail of fragrance with every swish of hair.

That’s not the only benefit of a hair perfume, though. They also work alongside your normal perfume to intensify your signature scent, surrounding you in a perfumed cloud from head to toe.

Alternatively, the lighter format found in hair mists means that they can also be used as a way to test out a scent if you’re unsure whether to take the plunge and purchase the full fragrance; mists tend to have a lower price point compared to a traditional fragrance.

Hair perfumes can also be used to layer fragrances – you can combine a mist with a different perfume to create your own personal scent.

But, now that you know all about the benefits, it’s about time that I unveiled my top three wishlist worthy hair perfumes…


1. The Rose-Scented Hair Mist

Wishlist Worthy Hair Perfumes Delina Hair Perfume

Delina is the most well-known women’s scent from niche perfume house, Parfums de Marly. Instantly recognisable, the best-seller centres around Turkish rose, which is lifted by a floral bouquet of lily of the valley and peony. Hints of vanilla and nutmeg join the floral heart before a velvety base of cashmeran, musk and vetiver round off Parfums de Marly’s beautifully sweet scent.

The hair mist captures the woody-floral Delina aroma perfectly, adding a lighter layer compared to the incredibly long-lasting Eau de Parfum. As a result, it’s great for anyone after a slightly softer scent as it can be worn alone, or treated as the final finishing touch to lift your Delina routine if you can’t get enough of Parfum de Marly’s velvety rose signature.

The soft, opulent pink hue of the Delina fragrance bottle has been carried over to the hair mist; the iconic Parfums de Marly silver crest gets to shine too. The aluminium bottle produces an incredibly fine mist, caressing your hair to leave a weightless layer of Delina.

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2. The Star-Studded Hair Mist

Wishlist Worthy Hair Perfumes GIVENCHY L’Interdit

Initially created for Aubrey Hepburn in 1957, GIVENCHY L’Interdit is one of the fashion house’s most iconic women’s scents. And now, the L’Interdit Hair Mist captures the same sweet white floral and creamy vanilla aroma as the original in a lighter format. It does this without losing any of the GIVENCHY style and glamour – we can imagine Aubrey dousing her sophisticated up-do in the L’Interdit Hair Mist!

Not only does the L’Interdit Mist have only a *slightly* more delicate jasmine-tuberose scent compared to the Eau de Parfum (seriously, the mist’s projection is impressive), but it also adds a veil of protection to your tresses. GIVENCHY’s anti-pollution technology keeps your locks healthy, hydrated and, of course, smelling utterly delicious.

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3.The Energising Floral Hair Mist

Wishlist Worthy Hair Perfumes Flowerbomb

Flowerbomb takes the classic floral aromas of rose, jasmine and freesia and rewrites the rulebook by adding lashings of praline and patchouli. Most of us will have smelt Flowerbomb at some point, but the hair mist is a playful way to enjoy Viktor & Rolf’s iconic scent. In my opinion, it’s especially great to layer with as it’s so versatile, allowing you to create a million new scent-combinations.

As a hair perfume, Flowerbomb is elegant yet energising. Its seductive jasmine tone warms over your hair just as the original fragrance settles to be sweet and inviting on your skin. The hair mist adds a feeling of confidence – as you walk and your hair catches the wind, Flowerbomb follows. We also love that the hair mist design emulates the Flowerbomb grenade shape and rose gold accents, while the frosted glass finish means that it’s easy to distinguish between the fragrance and your hair mist – no risk of mishaps here!

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Over to you…

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