DHC Hatomugi Range Review

DHC Hatomugi collection review: DHC Hatomugi Face Wash, DHC Hatomugi Lotion, and DHC Hatomugi Milk

I’ve always loved discovering the secrets of Japanese skincare, so as soon as the DHC Hatomugi range launched here at Escentual, it instantly caught my attention. Since trying it out, I’ve fallen in love with its pure milky formulas, which have left my skin feeling fresh, clear and balanced – and comfortably hydrated. And it should be noted that I have dry skin, and it’s made for oily to combination skin types!

If you have oily/ combination skin or love moisturising and soothing skincare, I think you’ll love the DHC Hatomugi range just as much as me. Discover why with my full review of the ultra-nourishing DHC Hatomugi collection…


The Most Important Thing About DHC Hatomugi Is…

The DHC Hatomugi range calms skin whilst strengthening its moisture barrier, so it’s optimally hydrated. The skincare collection centres around traditional Japanese botanicals and herbs that are prized for their unique ability to smooth, soften and (most importantly) hydrate your skin.

Wondering what’s in the DHC Hatomugi line?
DHC Hatomugi Face Wash: Effectively yet gently removes impurities from pores whilst supporting skin hydration.
DHC Hatomugi Lotion: Preps skin for your moisturiser whilst hydrating and protecting the skin’s moisture barrier.
DHC Hatomugi Milk: Lightweight face cream that locks in moisture for smooth, soft and radiant skin.

DHC Hatomugi range review

What Skin Type Is It For?

The Hatomugi range is good for all skin types, but it’s especially good for blemish-prone skin.


You Will Love This Range If…

If you’re looking for a brand-specific skincare routine, then the three-step skincare Hatomugi routine is the perfect place to start. DHC Hatomugi is ideal for all skin types, but those struggling with oiliness,  dehydration or uneven texture will love it the most.


Hero Ingredients:

The star ingredient is (as the name suggests) the Hatomugi herb; this is a traditional seed extract that’s rich in nutrients, and it’s famous for its ability to calm and condition the skin. The Hatomugi herb infuses every single formula in the range – it’s where the line gets its hydrating, gentle-on-skin properties from.

In addition, skin calmness is increased by liquorice extract, while a selection of Japanese herbs and botanical extracts – paeonia suffruticosa extract, peach extract and paeonia lactiflora extract – work together to increase hydration.

DHC Hatomugi skincare review

What Does Each Item Feel Like?


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Hatomugi Face Wash: A creamy gel that creates a fine foam lather when mixed with water.
• Hatomugi Lotion: A milky water that feels creamy on the skin.
Hatomugi Moisturiser: A lightweight hydrating cream-gel that spreads easily over the skin.


What Does The Range Smell Like?

The DHC Hatomugi range is odourless, which adds to the pure feeling of using this collection.


How Do You Use The Products?

First, cleanse your skin of dirt and impurities using the Hatomugi Face Wash. Then, pat your skin dry and follow with the lotion; it helps to prep and prime your skin for your serum and moisturiser, so their active ingredients absorb into your skin more efficiently. Finally, smooth the moisturising milk all over your complexion to lock in hydration for a plump, supple complexion.


What’s Special About The Design Of The Range?

The entire Hatomugi line features pure white and green packaging; the bottles are white and are topped with lime green lids. The green outer boxes can be recycled too!



Fragrance-free, colourant-free, alcohol-free.


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