5 Best Luxury Home Fragrances

5 Best Luxury Home Fragrances



Have you ever caught yourself wondering, ‘how do I keep my house smelling good all the time?’ Well, the answer is: with a high-quality home fragrance.

Whether you prefer the ease of home diffusers (yes a good diffuser can fill a room with scent) or the cosy warmth of a candle, our favourite designer and niche brands here at Escentual have a whole host of luxurious home fragrances to choose from. We even have a few ultra-luxe home perfumes to treat yourself and your guests to a mood-boosting spritz of scent.

But, if you’re not sure to whether to go for a candle, diffuser or home perfume, or you’re unsure on the differences, check out my quick guide to help you decide:


Candles Vs Reed Diffusers Vs Home Perfume


Candles: Generally, scented candles project a stronger scent throughout your home, but only when lit. Most candles have a recommended continuous burn time, which won’t typically exceed six hours. It goes without saying that you should never leave a candle unattended; you also have to be careful when lighting them around pets, children and furnishings, which can limit the
areas where a candle can be placed.

Diffusers: Reed diffusers don’t need to be lit, so they can be left unattended in any room on a stable surface. As the liquid fragrance travels up the wooden reeds, a subtle scent enters the room – it gets stronger depending on how close you sit to the diffuser. You can also increase its aroma by regularly tuning over the reeds to boost projection in the room.

Home Perfumes: A few spritzes create a cloud of scent exactly where you want, so my favourite way to use a home perfume is to spray just before guests arrive or before an evening snuggled on the sofa.

But it would be wrong if I didn’t give you a few of my top suggestions, now that home fragrance is on your mind. Don’t worry – I won’t leave you hanging. Keep reading for my official list of the best premium home fragrance to buy right now…


1.The Unisex Candle

Luxury Home Fragrance Etro Musk Candle

Etro are masters of creating moody, captivating fragrances – and the Etro Musk Perfumed Candle harnesses Etro’s fragrance craftsmanship, but packs it into a candle that’s perfect for any time of year. The clean musk scent is laced with warm woody notes and a hint of citrus – it’s just as inviting as the matching Musk Eau de Toilette!

From its chic minimal design to the hypnotic scent itself, Etro’s Musk Candle is the ultimate unisex home fragrance offering. Sophisticated yet sensuous, the musky candle blends with any home decor so, if you’re worried about the interior design element of home fragrance, Etro is a neutral yet beautiful choice.

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2. The Sensuous Diffuser

Luxury Home Fragrance Miller Harris

Every luxury home fragrance release by niche perfume house, Miller Harris, proves why they’re experts in fragrance – and the Miller Harris Santal Room Diffuser is certainly no exception.

Warm and woody with hints of peppery spice, Santal wowed everyone at Escentual HQ when it first launched – personally, I haven’t smelt a home fragrance quite like it. But, it’s hard not to fall for the rich ambery tones of Santal, especially as it creates an immediately cosy feeling whilst still offering a hint of sensuous vanilla.

Another reason why I’ve fallen under its spell? Miller Harris are an eco-conscious brand, so they use a vegan formulation and natural reeds. Its matte brown ceramic jar feels chic yet timeless too, elevating any home decor.

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3.The Indulgent Candle

Luxury Home Fragrance Boujee Bougies Candle

Boujee Bougies take candle craftsmanship to a whole new level. From the natural wax made from rapeseed oil to the fact that they have bespoke in-house perfumer, Pia Long, at the helm, Boujee Bougies are dedicated to creating the ultimate sensory experience throughout your home. My favourite? Boujee Bougies Gilt – it radiates a cosy amber scent throughout your home.

Gilt is inspired by the grandeur of church designs, and you can really feel comfort radiating every time you light it. Gilt is the perfect home fragrance for someone who’s tried every candle as it’s sure to offer a new utterly luxurious experience.

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4. The Sunny Reed Diffuser

Luxury Home Fragrance Acqua di Parma

If you ever need to whisk your senses away to the sun-drenched Mediterranean coastline, look no further than Acqua di Parma. In particular, the Acqua di Parma Insieme Reed Diffuser gives your home a sun-filled holiday vibe, thanks to the fresh lemon, sensuous neroli, clean musk and warm amber tones that gently flutter out of the diffuser.

The bright yellow glass design is a dramatic contrast to the all-black reeds; I love the art-deco pop of colour it adds to your home. One set of reeds provides up to 12 weeks of scent, so you can enjoy the comforting warmth of Italian sunshine every time you open your front door – utter bliss!

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5. The Mood-Boosting Home Perfume

Luxury Home Fragrance L'Occitane

As well as creating dreamy bath and body care, L’Occitane also have an expert home fragrance range. Out of the collection, my favourite has to be the L’Occitane Douceur Immortelle Home Perfume – it has the same instantly uplifting effect as a body perfume, just for your home.

The Douceur Immortelle scent combines joyful slightly sweet florals with the clean, herbaceous scent of basil and eucalyptus to instantly boost your mood and the scent of your home. The fragrance is creed using essential oils which have a positive, calming effect on your senses. For a luxurious finish, the perfume has an ultra-fine mist, filling your room with home fragrance in seconds.

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