Nuxe Sun Melting Lotion High Protection for Face and Body SPF50 Review

Nuxe Sun Melting Lotion High Protection for Face and Body SPF50 Review

The Nuxe Sun range combines water, sunflowers and broad-spectrum sun protection to provide sensorial and high-performance formulas; the Nuxe Sun Melting Lotion High Protection SPF50 is no exception to this. The comforting, rich texture wraps the face and body in hydration, preventing dark spots and UV-induced ageing. Discover how the Nuxe Sun Melting Lotion can upgrade your suncare routine…


The Most Important Thing About This Sunscreen Is…

The Nuxe Sun Melting Lotion High Protection SPF50 contains a high-performance selection of three sunscreens to offer broad-spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays. More than just sun protection, the Nuxe Melting Lotion has a rich, hydrating formula that prevents premature ageing and the appearance of dark spots. Formulated and produced in France, the photostable formula respects marine life, such as algae and bacteria. So, you can stay protected at the coast guilt-free.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re looking to get more from your sunscreen, you will love Nuxe’s multi-action formula that combines sun protection, hydration, and anti-ageing and encourages tanning. Transport yourself back to your favourite beach holiday scent with a summer infusion of notes, including sweet orange, Tiare flower and vanilla that are perfect for anyone who dislikes the traditional sunscreen scent.


The Formula:

The Nuxe Sun Melting Lotion High Protection SPF 50 contains a blend of natural extracts, including rice, rosemary and vitamin E. Thanks to their powerful antioxidant action, the Nuxe sunscreen provides anti-ageing cellular protection for your skin. Added water hyacinth extract prevents dehydration and dryness, whilst carob extract actives tanning, so you can enjoy healthy glowing skin.


The Texture

The ‘Melting’ Lotion SPF50 has an initially comforting creamy texture that instantly sinks into the skin for a lightweight, hydrated feeling. You’ll love how nourishing this lotion feels if you have dry, cracked skin.


The Finish

Invisible! The Nuxe High Protection SPF 50 is a slightly golden-tinted cream that leaves no white film or cast. It glides across the skin easily, leaving behind a subtle hydrated glow.


How Should You Apply It?

Apply the Nuxe Sun Protection Lotion to your body before going out in the sun. For the face, spread evenly with your fingers, avoiding the eye area.

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How Often Do You Need To Reapply?

Reapply frequently, especially after swimming, sweating or towel-drying your skin.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

In keeping with the rest of the Nuxe Sun range, the bottle comes in a golden holographic colour reminiscent of warm sand. Its squeezy design makes for an easy and mess-free application.



Non-comedogenic. No animal-derived ingredients (Vegan).


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