Wet Brush Guide: A Hairbrush For Every Occasion

Wet Brush Guide: A Hairbrush For Every Occasion

Founded in 2005, Wet Brush launched the first-ever detangler, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about brushing hair. Today, Wet Brush is the No. 1 professional hairbrush brand in the US; more than 100 million brushes have been sold worldwide to date. It’s no wonder that Wet Brush is recommended by stylists and has a host of prestigious beauty awards, too, such as two Global Makeup Awards and a Marie Claire Hair Award.

But, if you’re new to the brand, you’re probably wondering ‘why is Wet Brush so popular?’ Well, the thing that sets these brushes apart is the fact that they’ve been designed to reduce tugging, pulling and hair damage by 45%. And in my opinion, once you’ve owned a Wet Brush, you won’t be able to imagine your life without one.

Starting with the iconic Original Detangling Brush, Wet Brush has a wide range of hairbrushes, each for different occasions and needs. Just like your skincare routine, it’s important to build a tailored brushing regime; using the right brush can reduce hair breakage, minimise scalp irritation and even prolong the life of your hairbrush.

Keen to add one to your collection, but not sure which Wet Brush to use. Find the right Wet Brush for you with my detailed guide…


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Everyday: Wet Brush Original Detangler

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hairbrush

A Wet Brush icon, the Original Detangler is their all-time best-selling brush. The award-winning detangling brush glides through tangled and knotted tresses easily without causing breakage or pain.

Perfect for everyday use, the Original helps reduce breakage by 45% and ease the effort needed for brushing by 55%, thanks to innovative soft IntelliFlex flexible bristles with epoxy tips. Available in an array of colours to suit your style (my favourite is pink), the ergonomic design is both stylish and comfortable as it glides through all hair types.

A firm favourite amongst the Escentual Team, we’ve seen a massive reduction in our hair breakage since switching from our standard hairbrush to the Original Detangler. If you want to brush your hair each morning and/or evening, this is the brush for you.

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Cleansing: Wet Brush Shower Detangler

Wet Brush Glitter Shower Detangler Hairbrush

If you prefer to tackle tough knots and tangles while in the shower – the curly-haired Team Escentual members can relate – the Wet Brush Glitter Shower Detangler is the one for you. It’s a hangable hairbrush that adjusts to the shape of your scalp for gentle and pain-free brushing.

Designed specifically to be used in the shower, the brush doesn’t have the usual cushiony feel of a traditional hairbrush. This thoughtful detail ensures your brush is easy to clean and air-dry after use. Perfect for combing a hair mask or conditioner through your locks, the detangler helps to spread your in-shower treatment from root to tip evenly.

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Styling: Wet Brush Speed Dry

Wet Brush Speed Dry Hairbrush

Switching to a vented hairbrush helps to speed up your drying time by allowing water to escape faster – and that’s why the Wet Brush Speed Dry is the one for those who love to style their hair to perfection.

Designed with vents between each line of patented HeatFlex bristles, the hairbrush gently detangles and styles your hair as you blow dry. Compatible with any hair dryer, the Speed Dry brush’s bristles are heat-resistant, so you can create a smooth updo or a bouncy blow dry without causing excess heat damage.

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Caring: Wet Brush Shine Enhancer

Wet Brush Shine Enhancer Hairbrush

If you’re short of time and like the idea of combining your hair care and styling steps, you’ll love the Wet Brush Shine Enhancer. The hairbrush features all of the fantastic benefits of the Original Detangler with added hair care benefits. Designed with Intelliflex and natural boar bristles, the Shine Enhancer helps remove impurities, reduce frizz, and redistribute your natural oils through your hair. Its multi-purpose action helps to gently detangle knots whilst boosting your hair’s vibrancy and shine.

If you’re looking to target specific hair concerns, the range also features brushes infused with botanical oils and extracts to supply nutrients to your hair. The Go Green Watermelon Oil Brush helps to smooth frizz, while the Go Green Coconut Oil Brush softens and hydrates dry hair. Lastly, the Go Green Tea Tree Oil Brush eliminates product build-up and pollution for healthy and strong locks.

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Sustainable Switch: Go Green Detangler

Wet Brush Go Green Detangler Hairbrush

If you want to make more eco-conscious choices with your hair care, the cruelty-free Go Green Detangler is an easy sustainable switch. Featuring Wet Brush’s signature IntelliFlex bristles, the hairbrush uses less force to minimise pain and reduce split ends.

Made from 100% plant starch, the hairbrush helps to reduce static and frizz as you brush. The choice of TPE (flexible thermoplastic) means the brush naturally breaks down over time, reducing plastic wastage. Inspired by the Monstera leaf, the tropical design disperses the bristles for less snagging as you brush.

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On The Go: Wet Brush Mini Detangler

Wet Brush Mini Detangler Hairbrush

If (like me) you’re already hooked on Wet Brush and don’t want to go a day without your trusty brush, the good news is that Wet Brush has already figured us out and offered a solution: the Mini Detangler. Now, you can enjoy the best-selling Wet Brush Detangler in a travel-friendly size – it’s perfect for desks, handbags or gym lockers. Yep, you heard that right; you can get the same detangling results in a convenient size that’s suitable for all hair types, even those with thick and coarse hair.

On the flip side, if you’re currently dealing with the nightmare of trying to brush your child’s hair and dealing with the screaming and crying that comes with it, the Wet Brush Mini Detangler is the perfect solution. Its adorable design and fun colours are great for children, and its gentle IntelliFlex bristles help to reduce tugging and pulling for an easier brushing experience.

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