Anna Sui Cosmic Sky Eau de Toilette Review

Anna Sui Cosmic Sky Eau de Toilette Review


I love Anna Sui Sky, so as soon as I heard that a flanker was joining the mix for 2022, I was incredibly excited with high expectations. Thankfully, Cosmic Sky Eau de Toilette doesn’t disappoint. It’s got the same sweet, fun-loving tone as the original – and of course, that striking hot air balloon-inspired bottle is back – but it’s a little bit more sparkly citrus to start with and takes away the popcorn tones in favour of warmer woods.


This Fragrance Smells Like…

In short, Cosmic Sky smells delicious. It starts out with a sparkling citrus tone that’s fresh and crisp as it pairs bergamot and citrus with a clean and refreshing slice of pear to keep the fragrance light and airy. As it warms up on your skin, it has a cosy powdery feel that makes you want to snuggle in as it brings together iris and ambrette seeds with pretty white apple blossom petals alongside carrot seed, which feels powdery and green all at once. The base adds a layer of warmth and sensuality as it brings together a variety of woods and amber, but it maintains a sense of sweetness with a lip-smacking crystallised sugar note.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Created by Jérôme Epinette, Anna Sui Cosmic Sky continues the narrative of the original Sky fragrance. Inspired by a journey to a magical kingdom – this time you’re visiting a shimmering night-time playground floating up in the clouds – the Cosmic Sky flanker is held in the equally gorgeous hot air balloon bottle, but given a new look to honour its new scent.


You Will Love This If…

If you love sweet fragrances, you’ll love Anna Sui Cosmic Sky. A layer of sugared sweetness runs throughout the perfume – from the dazzling top notes to the apple blossom in the heart and the sugar in the base. But Jérôme Epinette has also done a really good job of keeping the scent well-balanced. It never feels sickly sweet as it has warmer, richer undertones with the woody base.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

Cosmic Sky smells similar to the original Sky in the sense that they’re both fun, airy fruity-floral fragrances with a strong gourmand tone. Both fragrances lead with an aquatic pear note, but Cosmic Sky feels more citrusy than the original. The heart of the original is more of an aquatic-fresh floral, whereas Cosmic Sky has a more powdery tone. In my view, the base is where the scents differ the most. The original has a really strong salty popcorn tone on my skin, but this one feels warmer, woodier and a little richer. The result? A scent that feels a little bit more sophisticated than the original Sky.


Is Cosmic Sky Unisex?

To us here at Escentual, fragrance is gender-neutral. As long as you love wearing it, that’s all that matters. That said, if you prefer to shop fragrance by gender to help you know whether it’s for you, then it’s important to note that Cosmic Sky is presented as a fragrance for women, and it definitely has a more traditionally feminine tone due to its sweet, sparkly presence.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Anna Sui lasted an average of six hours on my skin – pretty impressive for an EdT!


What’s Special About The Bottle?

Familiar with the dreamy Anna Sui Sky hot air balloon-inspired bottle? Cosmic Sky takes that and gives it a gorgeous blue, green and purple iridescent revamp. I’m not sure which bottle I love more between the pink original and this ethereal one- don’t make me choose!


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