Benefit POREfessional Tight And Toned Foam Review

I got to be honest, Tight And Toned is my favourite; I’m gonna say it, product launch of the year so far. It’s probably down to here. I beg everyone to try this if you’ve used the REN Ready Steady Glow tonic, an AHA formula, or Paula’s Choice BHA. I’ve always tried exfoliating toner as my skin needs that daily refinement to see a smoother texture.


How To Use Benefit Tight and Toned Foam

I wear a lot of makeup, as you can tell, and I need a smooth base. This is the easiest daily exfoliator I’ve ever used. The reason being one does your whole face and you don’t need to use any cotton rounds or cotton pads and you don’t need to wash it off.

After my morning skincare routine, I pump it out, put it on, walk up the stairs (my bathroom is downstairs) and by the time I’ve walked up the stairs, my skin is in perfect sted for my next steps it’s just so easy. I use it on my face and body, even when I’ve got a spotty chest or back near just pop it on. I love it. The main goal of these products is to see your pores more refined and your skin smoother. And I’ll be honest, you don’t see an instant within-the-hour effect you kind of feel it the morning/a couple of hours later, and I’m not mad about that.

Since using this for a month and building that routine, I have seen a more refined texture. I find myself getting to touch my skin just to prove how much I love it. My pores seem refined, but mine are so baggy that it’s kind of an impossible job for it, but I’m really happy with what it’s done so far.


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