Houbigant Quelques Fleurs Royale Eau de Parfum Extreme Review

Houbigant Quelques Fleurs Royale Eau de Parfum Extreme review


Forming an integral part of the Collection Privee, Quelques Fleurs Royale carries an entire history of olfactory art with it. As a blend of precious essences, this range is a fusion of only pure, pristine and authentic ingredients. Mixed in extreme concentrations, the Privee collection promises potent, superior and complex fragrances that pay homage to the archives of Houbigant.

A well-rounded, light honey floral scent, this juice embodies the values that form this line. Blending the old with the new, tradition with modernity, this particular concoction is not only wearable, elegant and timeless, but personifies the brand.

Offering reflection and reinvention, this is the ideal scent for both introspection and foresight…


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

The tangible edge of something unexpected. Ostensibly classic, this floral fragrance that represents the revered success of Houbigant becomes underpinned by dionysiac qualities, creating an appetitive and physical scent. Jasmine and Rose work together to create a powdery looseness that makes you want to throw caution to the wind. The focus on history and the present is what elevates this product from classic to timeless. These clever links between this scent’s original craftsmanship and the understanding of contemporary differences make this perfume abiding and perpetual.


You Will Love This If…

If you are someone who usually reaches for a more exemplary perfume and are a stickler for classic, distinguished scents, but wants something a bit more…rich, then this is for you. Firstly appearing as powdery and sweet, this womanly fragrance settles onto the skin to give a full and versatile scent. This made me feel rich, luxurious and decadent but also playful, sexy and self indulgent. Whether you are a fan of the House, or this is your first step in the door, it bears all the markers of an archetypal fragrance whilst remaining pragmatic and modern.



This fragrance has a reverent nod to the House of Houbigant’s August heritage. As an official perfumer to Europe’s royal nobility and adorned aristocracy, this perfume honours the 19th-century legacy essence composed by the House for a Princess of Orleans. With familial ties to King Phillipe I, whom Houbigant served as an official perfumer, we observe a powerful tie between past and present. Harnessing centuries of innovation and artistry, this fragrance encapsulates Houbigant’s relentless pursuit of olfactory perfection.

Manifesting both the rich history of the brand and their continued future success, this fragrance amalgamates historical and contemporary elements to promote a well-loved classic.


Hero Notes

This all-time great fragrance was the first multi-floral bouquet ever created, and it shows. With crisp, clear head notes of Blackcurrant and Grapefruit, the first spritz is restorative and headstrong. Sweet, feminine and intoxicating, these alluring and complex notes create a deep, sophisticated tone. Blackcurrant is a characteristic ammoniac which cultivates a green, minty and sappy scent giving a stupor-like quality to the fragrance.

Indolic Jasmine leads the heart notes, setting a creamy and rich core. Opulent and musky, the Jasmine here reminds me of a moonlight stroll, a coven meeting or a ritualistic sacrifice. The masculine wildness of the scent adds depth and flavour to an otherwise light and airy perfume. Delicate and fresh, Violet leaf provides a rejuvenating counterpart to the eerily intense Jasmine. Completing the love triangle is powdery Rose, classically linked to Aphrodite and Venus.

With siren- like properties, Rose has the power to seduce and lure, drawing in dew-drenched lovers. A natural aphrodisiac, this seemingly delicate scent has the power to both bloom and penetrate. The rose is overwhelmingly what I could smell the most, emblematic of Valentine’s day or a first date.

With unplumbed depths, the base notes lulled me into a head-over-heels romance with this fragrance. Vanilla and musk envelop the wearer in a soft and earthy foundation. Herbal and strong, the settlement of this perfume rests on amber, milky scents. I loved the come-down of this scent, which pulls you in with floral notes, drags you deeper with jasmine and then plants your feet firmly on the ground with herbal notes.

For optimum performance and desired sensuality, spritz Fleurs Royale onto your pulse points – wrist, inner elbow and neck. Do not rub the fragrance, as this will alter how it develops.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

With a ribbon-necked collar, this textured and heavy bottle exudes sophistication. The iris blush of colour nods to the Jasmine and Musky undertones, creating a hedonistic edge. Juxtaposed by the honeycomb embossing, this fragrance is elegant and modern whilst remaining bodily. Understated at first, this tactile fragrance invites you to feel. Before taking the first scent, this coalition between old and new toes the line between grace and impropriety. I imagine this used by a rich princess forced into decorum but secretly indulges in romance novels and scrubs red wine out of her dresses.


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