Benefit Hubba Brow Serum Review

Benefit Hubba Brow Serum Review

Brow masters Benefit have unveiled its latest brow hero, the Hubba Brow Serum. Skincare for your brows, this treatment helps improve volume over time. Here’s our review…


The Most Important Thing About Benefit Hubba Brow Serum Is…

It’s a brow serum that improves brow fullness. Whether you’re hoping for thicker brows or want to fill sparse areas, this nightly brow treatment gives results in as little as one month.


What Does It Look Like On?

The clear gel serum formula gives brows a subtle sheen.


What Skin Type Is It For?

All skin types can use the brow serum.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re unhappy with the density of your brows, add this to your skincare routine. You’ll notice your brow hairs becoming fuller in as little as one month.


Hero Ingredients:

The Hubba Brow Serum contains vitamins and proteins; provitamin B5 helps condition and improve the sheen of brow hairs, while biotin and cassia alata leaf extract help improve the look of brow hairs.


What Does It Feel Like?

It’s a lightweight gel texture that feels like nothing once applied.


What Does It Smell Like?

Although it’s not fragrance-free, it doesn’t have a distinct smell.


What’s Special About The Design?

It has a flexible micro bristle tip to coat every brows hair.


How Do You Use It?

Apply every night to clean, dry brows before your skincare



Non-comedogenic. Ophthalmologist-tested.


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