Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream All Skin Types Review

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream All Skin Types Review

Stress can wreak havoc on the skin. Whether it’s a big campaign at work, raising a family or just the worries that come along with being an adult, these pressures can have a negative effect on our complexion, which is known as stress ageing. The Clarins’ Multi-Active skincare range is made with busy 30-somethings in mind who need products that will help to de-stress their skin and counteract the effects of premature ageing. 

As someone with eczema, I know how much of an effect stress can have on our bodies. My skin will often show me I am stressed before I feel it. Red blotches appear over my body, and I know it’s important that I try to relax. That’s why I was keen to review the recently upgraded Multi-Active range, which has new ingredients and packaging, starting with the Day Cream for all skin types…


You Will Love The Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream If…

If you’re a busy 30-something who wants to keep their skin looking healthy and youthful, you’ll love this face cream. It is made with someone who is burning the candle at both ends in mind – whatever that means for you. Perhaps you’re a new mum who’s always on her feet or a self-employed entrepreneur who struggles with work-life balance. Stress affects everyone in different ways.

If you’re unsure if your skin is showing signs of stress ageing, here are signs to look out for: 

• Enlarged pores

• Uneven skin tone

• Dullness

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Dehydration

• Hollow features


What Does It Do?

The Multi-Active Day Cream destresses the skin. It helps your complexion fight against stress and its effects. It’ll provide your skin with the ingredients needed to revitalise how it looks and feels to restore a youthful glow that is more energised, smoother, and hydrated. 

The formula also helps to calm your mind – it contains an aroma that’s clinically proven to reduce stress by 20%, so its stress-relieving effects aren’t just for your skin!


How Does It Do It?

One of Clarins’s biggest changes to this range for 2024 is new ingredients. It’s been upgraded. The day cream now contains a 97% natural-origin formula, including the Clarins Skin Charger Complex, which includes 2% niacinamide and organic sea holly extract. Together, they boost collagen synthesis, smooth fine lines, improve skin texture and reinforce the skin’s resistance, helping to protect against first signs of ageing.

Also in the moisturiser is energising teasel extract and strawberry tree fruit extract, which helps to improve skin texture and minimise the look of pores. 


What Does It Smell And Feel Like?

The day cream has a lightweight texture that feels cooling on the skin. It’s made for all skin types and has a light formula that absorbs quickly – it leaves a light layer of hydration on the skin but feels weightless. Clarins collaborated with a Japanese perfume house with expertise in neurosciences (Takasago) on the formula’s mood-enhancing scent. Clarins Laboratories incorporated relaxing molecules and created exclusive olfactory accords in the Multi-Active range that are clinically proven to reduce stress by 20%.


How Long Does One Bottle Last?

Personally, this day cream would last me between 3 months. A little bit goes a long way. I use about a teaspoon amount every morning. 


Best Place and Time To Use It?

It’s a day cream, so use it every morning. Apply after your serum. 

Multi-Active Day Cream Design and Aesthetic Is Special Because…

If you’ve bought Multi-Active products in the past, you’ll notice a small packaging update. Now, the range comes in beautiful light pink and rose gold packaging. The glass jar feels heavy and luxurious.


Sustainability and Values…

The outer cardboard packaging is printed on paper from sustainably managed forests. 


My Overall Experience

My skin looked glowing and healthy every time I used this day cream. It created a great base for makeup but also gave my skin a much-needed boost on no-makeup days. That said, I preferred the day cream for dry skin for my personal skin type – my complexion craves moisture. That said, if you have normal, combination or oil skin, you’ll love this moisturiser – it’s hydration but won’t overburden your skin. 


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