My Life in Beauty: Chelsey Edmunds

My Life in Beauty Chelsey Edmunds

Read our team’s beauty biographies in our series, My Life in Beauty. From their first encounters with makeup and skincare to the mishaps they’d rather forget, we take a trip down memory lane to hear their unique beauty tales, learn about the products they’d never want to live without, where they get their inspiration from and more.

This April, Chelsey is the beauty lover in the spotlight. As our Campaigns Manager, she’s the mastermind behind all our campaigns, including our award-winning #SunPoverty initiative. More than a beauty lover, she’s an expert with nearly two decades in the beauty industry, starting her career on the shop floors of e.l.f. Cosmetics and The Body Shop. But where did her passion for makeup, skincare and fragrance come from? That’s what we’re here to find out. We’ll steal some recommendations and tips along the way, of course.


Beauty Past

Chelsey Edmunds Beauty Past

What’s your first beauty memory? 

Dipping my fingers in electric blue and jungle shimmer glitter shadows and drawing a joker-like mask on my face with the Iron Lady lipstick from my mum’s vintage Miss Selfridge makeup box. My obsession with this palette continued from the age of 5 to 16, and seeing the palette today, over 15 years later, I actually said WOW out loud. I can still smell the musk-powdery smell of makeup and hear my mum saying, ‘Put it back!’.

When did you start dabbling with beauty yourself? 

12 is when my fascination with beauty became an addiction. I begged my mum to highlight my hair with Jerome Rusell bleach and those awful sieve-like caps you pull hair through. Yes, I can still feel the pain.

My sister is 2 years older than me, so I always tried to follow in her footsteps. Naturally, both our bedroom floors were covered in smashed Bourjois Rose Blush. I remember clouds of Le Glow glitter bronzer in the air and tasting Ralph Lauren before breakfast on school mornings because we used to spray so much. 

My early beauty routine always involved colour and perfume. My mum worked in a local pharmacy, and I would love to raid the Rimmel stand and press my nose on the glass of the perfume cupboard. Charlie, JLO Glow, Versace Red Jeans and Anna Sui Sui Dreams were what dreams were made of back then.

Did you have any beauty mishaps or regrets growing up? 


1. Veet. Never use veet without knowing what it is and what it can do. 

2. Hoarding and using out-of-date makeup – never a good idea for obvious reasons.

3). Believing makeup was the only way to look beautiful.

What was your first beauty purchase? 

I’ll always remember my first CD, Anne Lee Two Times, and the first fragrance I bought with my own money, Paco Rabanne 1 Million. I LOVED IT. I remember getting stopped in Debenhams to try it and being given a card. They had a limited edition free travel bag, which I took everywhere. I didn’t care that it was for men; it made me feel like a queen!

Beauty Favourites

Chelsey Edmunds Beauty Favourites

What makeup product could you not live without?

A good pressed powder can give you the powers of a foundation and concealer in one. My all-time favourite was The Body Shop All In One Face Base, but the new one isn’t the same. 

Has one skincare product changed your life?

I’ll forever be grateful for the La Roche-Posay Anti-Blemish Kit.

La Roche-Posay Changed My Skin

Do you have a signature scent?

If I could be remembered for a scent, it would be Molton Brown Shisur. However, the scents that remind me of the most fun times in my life are Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Comme de Garcon Black Pepper and Zadig and Voltaire for Her.

What haircare product makes the biggest difference in your routine?

Scalp care. I love the Aveda Invati Scalp Mask and the Guerlain Abeille Royal Hair and Scalp Oil, which have improved my body, thickness, and overall health.

What’s your most repurchased beauty product of all time?

Estee Lauder Double Wear – it’s the only foundation I can trust to last all day and night without disappearing.

Is there a discontinued product that you wish would make a comeback?

My list is endless…

1. Vivienne Westwood – Naughty Alice – because it reminds me of my Nan.

2. The Body Shop All In One Face Base – because it covers and does everything.

3. Van Cleef and Arpels – Midnight In Paris – it’s a classic.

What’s the next thing on your wishlist, and why? 

Mason Pearson Brushes Pure Bristle Extra Small B2. I know I’ve made it when I own this brush.

Beauty Mantras

What’s your beauty mantra and style? 

Don’t save things for the best; use what you have to its highest potential, even if that means getting creative.

Where do you find beauty inspiration?

I don’t have a favourite platform, as beauty is visual; it’s easy to get inspired. I love looking into the past to find trends and seeing what resurfaces. I remember being gifted the Makeup Your Mind book, and I copied every look I could. I also think beauty and colours are so personal, so getting recommendations and making them your own is good. Beauty isn’t one size fits all.

Who’s beauty style do you admire most?

In terms of artistry, I love Hun Vanngo, as he’s just as passionate about skincare as he is about makeup. His techniques are so tailored, soft and enhancing, he is a true artist. In terms of overall style and look, I love Suki Waterhouse, Danielle Marcan and Victoria Beckham’s simplistic but show-up style – effortless, even when they amp it up more, they still look authentic to their style.

What was the last new beauty trend you tried, and how did it go? 

Pamela Anderson lip liner technique – I will not go back!

What’s your #1 beauty tip? 



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