Erborian Skin Hero Glow Non Tinted Perfector Review

As a fan of the award-winning Erborian Skin Hero Perfector, I jumped at the chance to try the latest version; Skin Hero Glow. The original is a best-seller with brightening benefits, so I was dubious about whether a glow option was even needed in the range. I had to test it out! Here’s everything I discovered…

You Will Love Skin Hero Glow If…

If, when you look in the mirror, you feel like your skin looks dull and your skin texture’s rough or bumpy, you’ll love the benefits of the Skin Hero Glow. It will immediately brighten and blur your face, plus it works overtime to perfect and beautify your bare skin.


What’s The Difference Between the Skin Hero and Skin Hero Glow?

The key difference is… glow! The Skin Hero Glow has all the benefits of the original Skin Hero Perfector (blurring, brightening, evening skin tone), but this version also instantly boosts the skin’s radiance. It has added light-reflecting micro-pearls that give the complexion a dewy luminosity.


What Does It Do?

The Erborian Skin Hero Glow gives skin an instant, natural glow without makeup. It perfects skin over time, too. In as little as 7 days, the cream improves the overall quality of the complexion by brightening, smoothing, and evening your skin tone.

How Does It Do It?

The formula gives the skin a radiant glow thanks to light-reflecting micro-pearls.  It perfects the complexion over time with a 6-year-old 2% Korean White Ginseng Complex, 1% mandarin extract, hyaluronic acid and exfoliating enzymes, which bring out the skin’s luminosity and improve skin texture.


What Does It Smell And Feel Like?

It’s a lightweight cream. It feels fresh and hydrating on the skin and weightless once applied. It doesn’t have a noticeable smell.


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Best Place and Time To Use It?

The cream’s brightening and blurring benefits will be best loved during the day. Apply it all over the face as the last step in your skincare routine.


Skin Hero Glow Design and Aesthetic Is Special Because…

The Skin Hero Glow has a pump dispenser that makes using it quick and easy, and there’s no cross-contamination or waste.


Sustainability and Values…

It’s dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic and silicone-free.


What Immediate Results Did You See?

My skin looked healthier and more hydrated right away. It had that post-facial glow that people speak of. My skin also felt great, more hydrated, and comfortable. I wore it alone, without makeup, which was ideal on work-from-home days when I just wanted a skin pick-me-up. I also paired it with foundation, and it made a wonderful base and enhanced my skin’s luminosity. My foundation layered over it beautifully. I didn’t see a difference in the longevity of my foundation however, which generally lasts all day anyway.


What Were Your Results After 7 Days?

After 7 days the main thing I noticed was how much more even my skin looked. I was reaching for my foundation less and less. My skin looked brighter and healthier, and I can definitely say that I am more bare-skin confident after 7 days of using Skin Hero Glow. I’ve been recommending it to all of my friends, and now to you!


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