Clarins Body Fit Active Skin Smoothing Expert Review

Clarins Body Fit is the number one firming body cream in the UK. It’s become a best-seller worldwide since its launch in 2017, and it is loved for its ability to lift and tone the skin. In 2024, with advances in science, Clarins announced updates to this icon – a new complex that makes it even more effective. In this review, you can find all the details on these changes and my experience testing the new formula…

How Has The Clarins Body Fit Formula Changed?

It’s better. Yes, I wondered if that was possible, too. But Clarins was inspired by a new scientific discovery regarding the creatine cycle’s role in updating the original Body Fit. That led to the addition of a Skin Smoothing Power Complex, which lifts and firms the skin like never seen before.

You Will Love Clarins Body Fit If…

If your feelings about your legs have ever stopped you from wearing a dress or skirt, Body Fit is for you. Its high-tech formula will help you to feel confident in your skin again. Perhaps you don’t like your cellulite, or you want firm and smooth your skin; Body Fit is the product to choose.

What Does It Do?

Body Fit is a firming body cream, it tightens, lifts, smooths, and improves the look of stubborn cellulite in just 14 days. It also has a hydrating texture that keeps skin hydrated and soft.

How Does It Do It?

It contains a Skin Smoothing Power Complex that combines organic matcha tea extract and plant-based caffeine. Together, they promote energy to firm the skin, helping to reduce and prevent skin dimples.


What Does It Smell And Feel Like?

It has a cream-gel texture that feels hydrating and cooling on the skin. It gave me goosebumps! It has a cryo-active texture that breaks down water on the skin. Its scent is equally as refreshing; it’s a minty menthol aroma that’s invigorating. I especially enjoy using this in the morning, and I think it’ll become a must-have on hot summer days, too!

Clarins Body Fit

Best Place and Time To Use It?

The Body Fit cream can be used morning and night – whatever suits you best! I personally like to use it in the morning because of its fresh scent and the healthy sheen it gives my legs. To apply, squeeze the cream onto your hands, then work the formula into the skin, from the ankles to the waist, paying attention to the thighs, hips and buttocks. Once applied to both legs, use both hands to conduct pressure-draining movements on each side. Repeat 6 times on each leg.


Body Fit’s Design and Aesthetic Is Special Because…

Body Fit looks very similar to the original, remaining in the iconic Clarins colours of red and white. But it’s been modernised and is packaged in an eco-friendly squeeze tube (200ml) and bottle (400ml).


Sustainability and Values…

Clarins formulas are made with natural ingredients and eco-design packaging, which is practical, reliable, and sustainable.


My Overall Experience

I jumped at the chance to test Clarins’ updated Body Fit formula. Bare leg season is fast approaching, and I couldn’t think of a better product to help me prepare. I haven’t tried the original, but I know it’s an icon; I have heard people rave about it.

The packaging is classic Clarins, simple but luxurious. The first thing that caught me off guard was how cooling the texture is; I got goosebumps! It feels like you’re running a block of ice over your legs, which I think will be lovely in the summertime. The smell is just as refreshing; it’s an invigorating and fresh minty-menthol aroma. I particularly like to apply it in the morning because of this. It’s hydrating and leaves a dewy, healthy sheen on your skin, but it’s worth noting that it’s not sticky; you can get dressed straight after applying.

Now for the results. In my opinion, my legs look tighter and smoother, especially around my thighs. I am usually rubbish at consistently applying body cream, and Body Fit’s scent and texture ensured I never missed a day while testing. I actually looked forward to applying it. I got compliments, too, mainly from my husband, who said I smelt ‘minty’. I’m taking that as a win!


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