My Life in Beauty: Georgina Jenkins

My Life in Beauty: Georgina Jenkins

Read our team’s beauty biographies in our series, My Life in Beauty. From their first encounters with makeup and skincare to the mishaps they’d rather forget, we take a trip down memory lane to hear their unique beauty tales, learn about the products they’d never want to live without, where they get their inspiration from and more.

Gina leads our finance department and is this month’s My Life in Beauty guest! One of Escentual’s long-standing team members, Gina, has been an integral part of the business for almost a decade. Based in our sister company, Central Pharmacy, she’s surrounded by our incredible brands and products every day, including all the testers! A true beauty buff, Gina is always eyeing up the latest launches, especially from our luxury brands like Dior and Guerlain.


Beauty Past

What’s your first beauty memory? 

Watching my mother religiously apply her Oil of Olay lotion!

When did you start dabbling with beauty yourself? 

When I was around 13, I started using lilac eyeshadow, a glitter highlighter and clear mascara from No17.


Did you have any beauty mishaps or regrets growing up? 

I used to squeeze my skin even though I had no spots and then cover the marks with a terrible concealer stick!


What was your first beauty purchase? 

Dior clear lip gloss – I bought it with my wages from my Saturday job as a silver service waitress in the Heritage Park Hotel! I spent ages looking through the beauty counters in the House of Fraser in Cardiff most weekends.


Beauty Favourites

My life in beauty; Georgina Jenkins - Beauty favourites

What makeup product could you not live without?

Bobbi Brown SPF Primer – worn alone or under foundation – it’s amazing! And the Guerlain Terracotta Beautifying Sun-Kissed, Healthy Glow Foundation is my favourite base. 

Has one skincare product changed your life?

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Gel Creme. My under eyes look more even-toned when I use it, which makes me feel like I didn’t need to put foundation on as my skin looks so nice.

Do you have a signature scent?

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche. I love that it smells different from any other perfume, and it’s so fresh. I am always getting compliments on it. It’s nice for day and night. I’ve worn it since I was 15 (I used to put it on my Christmas list)!

What haircare product makes the biggest difference in your routine?

Kiehls Amino Acid Conditioner: the conditioner makes my thick, curly hair so glossy and manageable and instantly detangles it.

What’s your most repurchased beauty product of all time?

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I hate the smell of fake tans that develop, and they make me itch, I have whiter than white freckly skin and like to add a bit of colour if I’m going out. Sally is my saviour and doesn’t wash off in the rain. In the winter, I just wear it on my neck and hands… Summer, it’s all over!

What’s the next thing on your wishlist, and why? 

Dior Forever Glow Maximiser in shade Peachy has caught my eye! I recently bought a bottle of the Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation, and loved the glow it gave me, and these caught my eye in the pharmacy. I like wearing a peachy shimmery blush on my cheeks to brighten my complexion!


Beauty Mantras

My life in beauty; Georgina Jenkins - Beauty mantras

What’s your beauty mantra and style? 

I like natural glam! I have always washed my face with a flannel and soap every night, followed by cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser! Fresh, zingy fragrances that stand out and don’t disappear throughout the day! My friends say I am a walking wall of Chanel Fraiche! Instagram and, of course, Escentual!

Where do you find beauty inspiration?

WWD, Instagram, and, of course, Escentual.

Who’s beauty style do you admire most?

Sienna Miller. Did you see her at the Chloe show? She looks effortless with minimal make-up and laid-back fashion and sometimes does a bold red lip! She is an icon.

Have you tried a new beauty trend recently?

I wanted to try making my make up stay on/look more perfected under the eyes so i bought the Laura Mercier translucent powder to try and set/baked under the eye and it didnt go well! I ended up highlighting my wrinkles. I’ll keep trying!

What’s your #1 beauty tip? 

Always take your make-up off before bed and SPF!


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